How Sandy Chin Contributed to the New York’s Summer Reading Platform

Sandy Chin is a product manager who understands how to conduct her work. While at PS11, she recognized the need to labor in a nearby elementary school. For instance, she noticed that some parents were not able to purchase books for their children during the summer holidays though they wanted to read them.

The school diversifies itself by serving various students at the same time. Besides, it involves itself in housing projects that are cheap to enable the school to feed the children. Sandy Chin realized that she could provide a solution to the problem at the facility.

During the reading process, it was evident that various activities disrupted the students’ normal routine. For example, some of them were unable to read due to the lack of encouragement from their families. Furthermore, they could not get the books in time.

Even though the holiday extended, the children who read during the period tend to acquaint themselves with the reading grades. Sandy has provided her son with relevant books and supports him whenever he wants to visit the nearby library. The institutions provide reading programs to maintain studying levels among the children.

Books drive

Additionally, Sandy was helpful to the school where she held a books drive to enable the students to get many books. They planned to distribute them to the kindergarten children to allow them to read at their own pace. Moreover, they introduced a donation program where the interested donors could issue the books willingly between a specified period.

Hence, their efforts were fruitful after getting many books. The process was successful since the children from the other grades benefited too. As a result of carrying many books, Sandy contacted tendonitis.

The book drive was the first initiative undertaken by the school. Since it was successful, the institution planned to use it as a benchmark for its next donations. However, some donors mixed books for different grades hence Sandy and the other volunteers selected them while distributing to the children.


The free books made the students happy because they could choose a specific book that they wished to read. Hence, the school took care of their interests well. Mrs. Sandy Chin worked in various leadership positions. For example, she was the senior analyst while working at the Capital Management company.

Later, she served in the same position in various banks because they loved her hard work. Read more about Chin on Inspirery.



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