Michael Nierenberg, a dynamic leader in residential real estate industry

The man, Michael Nierenberg is the board chairman, CEO, and president at New Residential Investment Corp. this is a real estate investment company that focuses on investing and actively managing investments in the residential real estate sector. The firm targets opportunistic investments in; excess mortgage servicing rights, residential mortgage loans and backed securities, and plenty more opportunistic residential investments. Under the leadership of Michael, the company seeks to unfold significant investment opportunities through unleashing developments worth over $19 trillion in the US residential housing market. The firm is already holding a significant role in the mortgages are generated and serviced amid the significant structural changes taking place in the residential mortgage industry.

Michael Nierenberg has vast and in-depth expertise in the residential investment sector. Prior to joining New Residential Investment Corp., he held prominent roles in renowned firms in the real estate industry. He was appointed the board chairman in 2016 and the CEO New Residential in 2013. He is also a managing director at Fortress Investment Group. Before these roles, Michael Nierenberg was working at the Bank of America as the director and head of global mortgages. He was tasked with all the roles of sales and trading activities of the bank. Before joining the bank, Michael worked at JP Morgan where he was the head of global securitized products. He has held multiple other senior roles in the residential real estate firms where he has portrayed dynamic leadership and top-notch expertise.

During the years spent in the real estate sector, Michael Nierenberg has been instrumental in triggering monumental changes. At Bear Stearns, he helped the company build adjustable rate mortgage business. At New Residential, Michael has helped the firm develop a set of compelling investment opportunities. As the CEO, he has been able to pinpoint and select many real estate market participants and establish a mutually beneficial investment relationship. He uses his expertise to choose adjustable risk opportunities with guaranteed returns to help deliver continuously growing dividends for the shareholders. Michael has led the company to identify and execution of investment opportunities that are correspondent to the changing real estate market to broaden the company’s investment portfolio while enhancing the returns.

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