JD.com Releases Corporate Social Responsibility Report

JD.com has released its Corporate Social Responsibility report and highlighted its dedication to giving back to the community in a sustainable way. The report outlined the many areas in which JD.com has been working on improving lives across the country. According to the company, this is done through their entire production process from when a product is designed and manufactured up until it reaches a customers door. The company has had many projects running over the past few decades that help to decrease the companies environmental impact and promote a healthier community. JD.com’s Corporate Social Responsibility report highlighted many of the projects that the company has been working on since 2013. The Green Stream Initiative and Recycling Program was one of these and helped to promote sustainable consumption habits among their customers. It also reduced the companies waste and emissions significantly over the past few years.

The company has also leveraged its logistics and supply network to help communities in need, especially after natural disasters. They’ve also regularly used this network to help their customers donate goods to those in need. Richard Liu, the founder of JD.com, has said that the company has a moral responsibility to help communities around the country. According to Richard Liu, the company wants to use its expertise to spread a positive influence across society. JD.com has reported that they’ve collected over 2.4 million donations since 2013 and delivered them to over 600 different charities through the JD Giving Platform.

They’ve also collected over a million items of clothing and over 400,000 toys through their recycling program; these have gone to families and communities most in need according to the company. The company has also reported that over three million of their products are sourced from rural areas; this purportedly benefits 90% of people in China’s poorest areas. JD.com has also been following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; this outlines 17 different areas where companies can improve their environmental and sociological impact. These include the likes of poverty alleviation and responsible consumption. JD.com is China’s largest retailer and serves over 100 million customers on a yearly basis.

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