A Beautifully Refreshing Perspective On Programmatic Advertising By Edwin Miranda

Puerto Rico-born entrepreneur, Edwin Miranda shares an interesting take on Programmatic Advertising. His rich experience and education make him a well-studied strategist that can immediately validate effective digital marketing tools. Miranda emphasizes how Programmatic Advertising can help marketers generate higher ROI (Return On Investment) because it takes a direct, personalized approach. Programmatic Advertising aims to engage every potential visitor with targeted content based on consumer behavior patterns and real-time data science. This puts it far ahead of any conventional media buying service out there, promoting static ad campaigns to convert viewers.

Edwin Miranda further expounds on an upending of social media marketing as machine learning and mobile marketing become preferred channels. In accordance with his findings as per eMarketer, an estimated 75 percent of programmatic ads will appear on mobile. Lately, programmatic video advertising has emerged as a sound strategy to convert TV-watching consumers. This should represent over 60 percent of all video marketing spending as demands for dynamic advertising increases, Edwin Miranda speculates.

With deep learning and data analytics, predicting purchasing behavior is more organic. In essence, ad campaigns now include creative, relevant and relatable content that elicit interaction. It’s amazing what programmatic advertising can do for modern businesses and marketers today. However, Edwin Miranda cautions investors to always choose well-established brand partnership and invest wisely in sophisticated fraud-prevention tools.

KOI IXS founded by digital media revolutionist, Edwin Miranda in 1994 is a leading marketing advertising consultancy based in Puerto Rico. The firm also operates a network in Miami, Florida, which is an extension of its San Juan headquarters. As Chief Executive Officer, Miranda commands a collective of talents, which includes content marketing strategists, creators, and designers that share a quintessential vision.

He strongly encourages teamwork in business as it creates an auspicious environment for sustainable growth. With a work itinerary as hectic as his, the Fantastical 2 Calendar is his go-to organizer as it simplifies everything from functions to meetings. It also integrates into Office 365, Exchange and iCloud organically.

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