Dr. Dov Rand: Health Guru and Bio identical Hormone Specialist

The healthcare sector is arguably one of the most vital areas of society. It is a sector that needs to behandled with care since it impacts directly on the wellbeing of members of the community. One such person who has dedicated his life to improve the healthcare fraternity is Dr. Dov Rand. He has been able to do so through his organization, the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. More about him is found in this piece.

Background and Academic Qualifications

Dr. Dov Rand has had an interest in medicine since his childhood. As such, it was his enthusiasm for the profession that saw him attend Howard University medical school after his undergrad at Rutgers. He is currently a specialist in rehabilitation and physical medicine and has impacted immensely in society via his organization for more than 15 years.

Moreover, he has been of great assistance to patients looking forward to optimizing their health using tested and proven scientific methods, making him a darling to many patients. He joined Saint Barnabas Medical Center for his internship and later on went on to complete his residency at the world-renowned Albert EinsteinMedical Center.

How does Dr. Dov Rand start his Day?  

Dr. Dov Rand is an individual who believes in starting his day early upon which he begins his daily workout. After that, the excellent doctor heads to his office where he conducts follow-ups on patients as well as carrying out consultations for them. Finally, Dr. Dov Rand ends his day by taking patients’ calls, some of which run into his evening schedule before finally reading an educative book. After that, he retires to bed.

What are some of the Key Drivers for your Success?

Dr. Rand is a believer in networking through which he meets various professionals in his field. He states that he can learn a great deal from his social networks and conferences which he attends at least once a month. Additionally, his great reading coupled with his thirst for knowledge enablehim to provide top-notch care to his patients. In summary, Dr. Dov Rand’s story portrays a man who provides premium medical services to his patients through the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Indeed, those aspiring to be medical doctors in the future will learn a great deal by emulating him.

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