Mike Nierenberg: One of the Top Real Estate Investors in America

The real estate industry in the United States has an estimated value of $21 trillion, and it keeps on growing each year. Mike Nierenberg, the chairman of the board, president, and chief executive officer of the New Residential Investment Corp., saw the opportunity in the industry and decided that a firm that would handle real estate investments has more opportunities to grow. Holding the three key positions in the company since 2013, he was able to transform the New Residential Investment Corp. into a thriving business, opening new opportunities for growth and receiving new business partners who wanted to work with him.

Prior to his career working as an executive for the New Residential Investment Corp., Mike Nierenberg used to hold different positions for several financial firms. His career began in the late 1980s, as he was hired to work for Lehman Brothers. He was assigned to work in the mortgage department, and he was instrumental in creating the adjustable rate mortgage business of the company. It was his lasting legacy for the Lehman Brothers, and after seven years, he looked for another company to expand his knowledge in the financial industry. He will hold key positions for the next 14 years, and by the year 2006, he was appointed to serve as a member for its board of directors. He will later work for JP Morgan and the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, while at the same time, improving his skills in dealing with the challenges encountered in the industry.

Today, Mike Nierenberg enjoys managing the New Residential Investment Corp., and he is doing everything to gather new business partners who would develop an interest in investing with the company. They offer different investment portfolios for interested individuals, and provide them with the best deals, allowing the company to gain the trust of their new business partner and expanding their market by word-of-mouth advertising. Mike Nierenberg is an effective leader, as he was able to keep their access to liquidity and capital to remain strong, despite the problems faced by the industry. He stated that the New Residential Investment Corp. will continue to grow and expand, and it is his goal to make the company global.

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