Roseann Bennett Sees the Benefits of Canine Assisted Therapy

Roseann Bennett is a highly respected Marriage and Family Therapist. Having worked as an in-home therapist for over ten years, she saw the need for more therapy options to be available on an out-patient basis. She wanted more affordable treatments for people who could not access more traditional options.

Roseann and her husband, Todd, started the Center For Assessment and Treatment. They financed the operation with their own money and they formed the center from scratch. One of the benefits of creating the center by themselves is that they could avoid a lot of the red-tape that stalls other projects. One of the new therapy treatments that Roseann is focused on is canine therapy.

For centuries, dogs have been used in a variety of ways to help people. They can be used to search for bodies, help as seeing eye dogs, and they can even alert people when they are suffering from various illnesses. Over the last 35 years, it has been shown that there is a strong emotional bond between people and dogs, and owning a dog can have a huge positive impact on one’s quality of life.

The latest addition to the canine therapy team is Jack. Roseann Bennett knows that canine therapy should not be used to simply avoid using other types of therapy, but it can be used in addition to established methods. Roseann had known about the benefits of children working with dogs, and there have been great results when dogs work with autistic children. She now sees the benefits of using dogs with adults.

Jack will be a specially trained dog. Not every dog is able to be used in such a way. Roseann Bennett will continue to look into new and innovative ways to offer therapy, but she is very excited at the results so far with the use of dogs.

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