Sergey Petrossov Innovator and Founder of JetSmarter

First Innovations

Sergey Petrossov has been the recipient of many awards in his career. Recently Forbes awarded him the 30 Under 30 Award. Sun-Sentinel awarded him with the Consumer Technology Top Working Professional Award. Sergey Petrossov has built a reputation of being an innovator to his industry. Prior to his current company JetSmarter, he helped co-found a couple of IT companies, which introduced a new way to chat online and a company that brought new ideas into the distance learning space for Native Russian-speaking educators and institutions.

Birth of JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov also was on the board of a successful private jet operator in South Florida. The private jet company owned and operated a fleet of Gulfstream jets for charter. Petrossov invented a better way of operating chartered flights after flying after taking his first private flight. Petrossov improved upon the way bookings are made upon chartered jet flights. This critique and later improvement was the first steps towards JetSmarter. In short, Sergey Petrossov integrated more technology into the jet charter booking systems and founded JetSmarter.

Next Steps

The idea for the JetSmarter App was planned to immediately connect those seeking to charter a jet with jet operators. The JetSmarter was the next logical step in bringing his thoughts for JetSmarter to life. In March 2013 Sergey Petrossov launched the initial version of the JetSmarter App to the public. Petrossov’s technology team was a combination of technology experts with a combined experience of more than a century working with Fortune 500 companies like BMW, Microsoft, and Mercedes Benz. With his strong technology team working on his initial ideas for JetSmarter his JetSmarter App was soon realized by the dedicated work of his talented team. The JetSmarter App has become a model for other Jet Charter companies to integrate more and more technology in order to improve the quality of service offered by Jet Charter Businesses.

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