Agera Energy Introduces Agera LED Lighting to Cut Down Clients’ Energy Spending

For over five years now, Agera Energy has been advocating for energy conservation. It has been at the center of empowering energy consumers with unbiased energy conservation information. The empowerment helps customers find a perfect energy solution for their unique lighting and cooking needs. Read more about Agera Energy at

Apart from empowerment, Agera Energy has been on the frontline of marketing Agera LEDs, an energy efficient lighting solution that would cut down their customers’ energy bills. “Our energy-efficient solutions are cost-effective and easy to implement. They would make your friend’s energy jealous,” says Agera’s management.

What makes Agera LEDs different from the conventional lights?

  1. They are energy efficient

The energy retailer’s LEDs can reduce customers’ energy bills by 20%. They lessen the kWh used to power the conventional energy inefficient lights, and they decrease the heat output that would escalate indoor temperatures. The LEDs are ideal for domestic and commercial lighting.


  1. The LEDs are environmentally friendly

The LED lights are free of glass, mercury, and other heavy metals used in traditional lights. Moreover, Agera Energy’s modern LEDs reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 20%. Agera’s LEDs safeguards your health and that of your environment

  1. The LED lights improve lighting

Agera’s LEDs are an ideal solution to customers who have been looking for an energy efficient way to increase the quality of their indoor lighting. Why? They are 20% brighter than conventional lights. Agera says that improved lighting could enhance workplace safety and productivity.

  1. Agera LEDs can last up to 8 years

Agera’s energy efficient LEDs can last up to 8 years. The reasonable durability would slash down the maintenance cost of replacing worn out lights, as well as hiring an electrician to help you complete the task.

  1. Pocket-friendly installation

Agera Energy offers two pocket-friendly payment plans for the LED lights. First, customers can pay 50% of the installation cost before the project start. The customers will clear the remaining sum after the project is complete.

As an alternative, customers can let Agera install the LEDs without an out of pocket spending. The installation fee will be included in their monthly bill. Follow Agera Energy’s profile on Twitter.

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