Article Title: Jd.Com Ventures Into The World Of AI

Article Text:

JD .com which is also known as Jingdong was started by Mr. Richard Liu in the year 2004. This company is located in China and is ranked as the largest electronic commerce platform in the country. It deals in several types of products. It is known to provide high quality and legitimate products to the numerous customers all over the world. Most customers confess that always offers products of good quality and always conforms to the expected standards. The company has also established partnerships with other brand owners from other countries so that they can be able to avail their products to the Chinese customers who need the products.

The Jingdong company is now starting to show special interest on the new AI technology. The company is focusing on Artificial Intelligence startups. Some companies have also been given an opportunity by to display their respective projects. The initial group of the startups incorporates the education, retail and healthcare sectors among other sectors. A number of the outstanding projects are said to have already been adopted by For instance, in collaboration with another big company came up with a merchant chatbot which has been of great significance to many of’s stakeholders. The chatbot allows the various stakeholders to pose questions and they receive instant answers.

JD .com has also innovated a startup that gives consumers the opportunity to view various photos of wine brands through a wine application. One does not have to face the struggles of recalling a wine’s brand name. The application allows the various subscribers to upload pictures then the app scrutinizes them and finally comes up with a recommendation through the use of Artificial Intelligence. The application has the ability to produce information on the wine’s taste, place of origin and many more details. JD. Com has also given other upcoming AI startups an access to their various resources for use. They provide services to the AI startups such as providing mentorship programs in legal marketing, research and product. The company has also revealed that it is soon coming up with another lot of Startups.

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