An Updated Company Profile of Agera Energy LLC

Agera Energy LLC is a New York-based energy retailer that serves energy consumers around the United States. The independent retailer supplies electricity, natural gas, utilities, and energy efficient LED lights.

Besides selling energy, Agera Energy LLC helps customers to cut down their energy bills by using renewable energy sources, as well as adopting energy efficient solutions. It serves both commercial and residential energy consumers.

At present, Agera Energy works with 250 employees who serve over 2 million customers. The employees are trained to deliver top-notch customer support services, as well as help customers choose appropriate energy plans.

Agera Energy’s employees are led by an able team of administrators like Geoffrey Duda, the Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Moore, the senior business development manager, Lorraine Barber, the director of sales, and Mark Linzenbold, the Chief Financial Officer.

The administrators have a wealth of experience managing various retail and wholesale energy companies, and a solid academic background.

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