James Dondero, The Dallas Entrepreneur, And Philanthropist

James Dondero has worked in the high yield market industry for three decades. He doubles as the Highland Capital Management’s leader and founder, a company that entered the yield credit industry in 1993. James pursued Finance and accounting at Virginia University as well as holding two degrees of Bachelors of Science. With that level of education, James was ready to hit the finance world comfortably. After leaving JPMorgan Chase & Co., James Dondero joined American Express and worked for four years between 1985 and 1985 managing fixed income worth $1 billion. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

Due to his excellent performance record, James Dondero got another opportunity to serve the Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary in 1989 as the chief investment officer. He helped the company transform from a small venture into a $2 billion enterprise. In 1993, the financial expert decided to start his own company, Highland Capital Management. The company specializes in credit hedge funds, private equity accounts, and management of different credit accounts. Besides, James works in various companies and organizations in various capacities. Dondero is the Chairperson and CEO of Highland Acquisition Corporation. James serves as the company’s President and secretary from April 25, 2016. His leadership skills reflect in NexPoint Hospitality Trust Inc. where he works as the Chair, President, and CEO. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Despite holding high profile positions in different companies, James Dondero takes part in various philanthropic activities. Recently, James donated $1 million to rebuild the Dallas zoo that closed its doors in 2001, after the death of an elderly hippo. His generous donation attracted other local philanthropists that donated $14 million for the same project. James Dondero has supported other institutions including George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, Perot Museum of Natural Science, Snowball Express, and Uplift Education to name but a few. He also collaborated with Mary Jalonick, a fellow philanthropist to form The Dallas Foundation that supports healthcare, education, and supports veterans.

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