Ashley Lightspeed – How She Achieved So Much Success So Fast

Ashley Brasier, or Ashley Lightspeed as she is often referred to in her sector, has become a prominent name in the investment segment.

While she only entered the investment space a short while ago, Ashley Lightspeed has carved a formidable reputation for herself through her business acumen, her dedication, and her ability to identify potentially successful businesses among a sea of startups.

Growing up, Ashley Lightspeed wanted to be an architect. But as she graduated high school and college, she realized that she was more interested in developing business plans than floor plans.

With this in mind, Ashley went on to join Bain, where she spent a good while as she learnt the ropes of the business world. After putting the skills she learnt at Bain to god use within the company, Ashley left Bain for Thumbtack to join the tech platform as its category manager.

At Thumbtack, Ashley went on to establish her reputation as a force to be reckoned with through her ideas and strategies to everyday processes. With her out of the box thinking, Ashley became a star player at the firm.

From there, she garnered a sense of the sector she was working in, and went on to join Stanford University to complete her Master’s degree. Afterwards, she started working as a consultant for various businesses, after which she joined Lightspeed Ventures as a partner in its consumer investing team.

At Lightspeed Ventures, Ashley tackles the responsibility to seek out potentially beneficial startups and help them reach new heights of success. With her business acumen and leadership, Ashley has been able to change the investment sector for the better.

While Ashley joined Lightspeed Venture Partners only in December 2018, she has contributed greatly to the firm’s success in such a little time. These qualities and performance-driven work history set Ashley apart from other competitors.

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