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Central Group and E-Commerce

Central Group is the prominent retail corporation in Thailand and its phasing into a new branch of its business with its E-Commerce program. This means is expanding into Southeast Asia. The debut day set for E-commerce is September 28. Central Group hopes to expand its influence in the Southeast Asia market. The E-Commerce platform will allow Central Group to place itself strategically against its rival Tiki. Tiki is one of Vietnam’s superior B2C businesses for e-commerce. underwent a test period previous to its opening, which began from June 18.

Variety and Quality Goods

June 18 is a special day for the Central Group E-commerce platform since it is the anniversary day of JD Central. is unlike many businesses located in the Southeast Region of Thailand and it offers marketplace know-how as well as portraying its expertise to its customers. Also, will offer direct sales, which is a major part of its business model.

Beyond Expectations

The founders of have been very enthusiastic about the results since its opening. Also, sales have gone beyond the projections of’s management and sales forces. offers a very wide variety of retail goods: electronics, fashion, books, as well as appliances for the home. offers many consumer goods which move very fast like beverages, foods processed to customer satisfaction, and cosmetic goods for the whole family.

Cell-Phone Accessible reported a fast-growing 80% of its customers can locate their shopping items thru cellphone accessibility; this is a very big advantage for their Thai customers in the Southeast region. Most of all demand for cellphones and a variety of top fashion items has topped the list for customers in every demographic. Along with the demand for cellphones and fashion items customers have been marked for their demand for many leading Chinese brands. Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Lenovo are just a few in great demand presently. has expanded to meet its customer demands and continues to offer more leading Chinese brands as demand becomes more pronounced.

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