Oren Frank Is Not Shy About His Criticisms In Regard To Social Media Use:

Oren Frank heads up a revolutionary company called Talkspace that is making a major impact on the way that patients are able to attain access to qualified therapists in regard to mental health issues such as depression. The revolutionary talk therapy platform that Oren Frank and Talkspace have made available has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. With major endorsements coming from well-known and beloved individuals such as Michael Phelps, Oren Frank and his Talkspace platform have really seen a steady growth in its use. This has led to some major moves on the part of the company that includes the hiring of a new Chief Medical Officer by Oren Frank. This is one of the steps in the new plan that Oren has to continue to grow his Talkspace platform. This is great news for the patient community that needs therapist services for their mental health needs.

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The topic of social media is one that has been on the mind of Oren Frank quite a lot recently and he has opened up significantly about his thoughts on the topic. Oren Frank is truly concerned about the harms that have been brought onto society by the advent of social media. He points out the fact that social media is showing signs of being a highly addictive medium that has taken over much too prominent a position in the lives of many people in today’s world.

Oren Frank points out the fact that for many people across the world, they now immediately reach for their smartphone or other devices as soon as waking to check their notifications. The real question becomes, what are the consequences of this by all normal standards, very new behavior in humans. This is a problem according to Oren Fran and this behavior can accurately be described as an addictive one. The problems go beyond this though as it has been demonstrated that social media use is causing an increase in issues such as depression and anxiety as well as an increase in narcissistic attitudes. This is an area that Oren Frank has become very passionate about in terms of spreading awareness to the public about this phenomenon.

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