Article Title: Richard Liu Is Working To Reduce’s Carbon Footprint

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Liu QiangDong is the founder and CEO of JingDong China’s largest online retailer. As the company’s reach grows, Liu has taken steps to ensure that JingDong operates as an environmentally sustainable company. Corporate Social Responsibility is an important value for Liu QiangDong and he wants to ensure that all the proper steps are taken to put these values are put into practice.

JingDong has been dubbed China’s Amazon, they are the largest online retailer in Southeast Asia with over 300 million customers. Due to the vast number of people they reach, Liu QiangDong wants to make sure their gargantuan manufacturing, warehousing and shipping practices are environmentally sound. is taking every step necessary to reduce their carbon footprint. So far, they have installed solar photovoltaic power generation systems on the roofs of their logistic centers. JD.Com is also in the process of developing their own fleet of  New Energy vehicles. These vehicles will run on alternative sources of fuel ranging from all-electric, hydrogen or other alternative fuels. The “New Energy” vehicles that will make up their fleet include trucks and vans. JingDong are also experimenting with a solar-powered tricycle.

JingDong is also taking steps to ensure that the manufacturing of their own goods is environmentally sustainable as well. Last year, JingDong launched the Green Stream Initiative to help reduce manufacturing and logistical emissions and waste. They have already begun to reduce logistical waste by equipping their delivery drivers with over 100,000 reusable “green boxes” to deliver goods. These boxes are made from durable resin and can be reused when making trips from warehouse to delivery destinations.

Liu QiangDong is also known as Richard Liu founded JingDong as a brick and mortar retailer in Beijing. The companies name came from the last character of his own name and of his then girlfriends name. He founded  business as company that sold magneto-optical drives. However, in 2003 the SARS outbreak led to Richard Liu and has staff being homebound. This led to him rethinking the brick and mortar business model. Thus was born! Today has grown to become China’s largest retail with a strong presence in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

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