Sharon Prince Develops The Grace Farms Foundations

Sharon is of the most successful women in the world and is the president and chair of Grace Farms Foundation. The foundation was established in 2009 to enhance people’s lives through engagement with the community, arts, faith, justice as well as nature. Before sharon formed the foundation she was working as the president of 66North which is an outwear brand. Grace Farms Foundation is a public space that is used both by non-profitable organizations and individuals. Grace Farms Foundation was opened in 2015, and since then it’s popular for being a place of peace and grace for everyone. Sharon is proud of Grace Farms Foundation as it has won several awards for contributions to environmental sustainability, social good as well as architecture.

Through her work in Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon prince fought against human trafficking, violence against women as well as child exploitation. In 2017 the foundation received the architecture honor award, and in the previous year, it got the design award. In 2018 Sharon was nominated for architecture jury to the AIA Institute Honour Awards. Sharon together with Grace Farms Foundation is initiating and developing an international media campaign to fight the modern day slavery. Sharon prince is also passionate about charity and giving back to the needy communities. She works with next-generation Nepal which a dedicated charity organization that helps to reunite victims of human trafficking with their respective families. In 2017 Sharon received two awards for her great works that are Aubun Seminary Lives of Commitment Award and the NOMI Networks Abolitionist Award.

Sharon is a spiritual person, and she ensures that all her work and life activities are by Gods values. Sharon sets a good example for women around the world as a successful entrepreneur and her commitment to positively change society. It’s due to her commitment and hard work that Sharon has successfully developed her foundation as well as won awards.

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