Betterworks: The Importance of a Progressive HR Department in the Corporate World

Goal setting is critical for any company. In the last five years, Betterworks has been instrumental in helping companies make realistic goals and more importantly — attainable goals. As a professional platform, Betterworks hopes to bring all the essential stakeholders to the goal-setting table. According to the management, most companies ‘miss the mark’ by assuming goal setting is purely a management function, and employees cannot contribute to the process. While using a cloud-based model, the entity helps companies to borrow from other companies, without losing authenticity — in their process. The management of Betterworks also understands the importance of having reference points in this critical process.

Apart from assisting companies in designing better policies, Betterworks functions as a resource center. In the last eight years, the company has assisted many companies in understanding different trends in the HR world. The primary source of information for Betterworks is — through commissioned researches. In this year’s report, for example, the company explored HR in relations to productivity. Although productivity is a common term in the corporate world, few entities have viewed it from an HR perspective. In this report, Betterworks established that HR has a significant impact on the productivity of a company. Therefore, any company must evaluate the following factors.

First, it is vital to evaluate whether the HR department is accommodative to change. Betterworks — through recent studies — have established that the labor market is not static. For a company to be on the profit-making path, having an HR department that is ready for any changes is essential. Second, any HR department must inspire the employees to be better — though different rewarding mechanisms. Betterworks believes that it is the responsibility of the HR department to keep employees determined in their respective positions and more importantly — willing to learn every day. Learning is ideal for both the company and the individual employees. Due to the importance of continuous learning, Betterworks has a series of in-job training programs for companies.

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