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OSI group started as a corner butcher shop and eventually became a leading multinational food provider. It is one of the largest food providers around the world. The group has a massive number of employees at its sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries. The company’s rise from a small beginning to a corporate business gives it a significant part of the economic history of America in the 20th century. The story of the modern, universal economy is still evolving, and OSI Group is a growing presence.

The Group has its history rooted in the American immigrant experience. After arriving in the United States, – Kolschowsky started a little retail meat market and a butcher shop. The main reason for this was to serve his community that had just migrated to the U.S. After the first World War he was able to expand his business into the wholesale side. Within another period of ten years, the business was rebranded as Otto and Sons Company as it followed a familiar storyline to family-based firms by immigrants. The company continued to be stable and prosperous which made it a vital part of the American community.

Before Ray Kroc opened the first McDonalds restaurant, he agreed with Otto sons. The reason was to be the first franchise’s supplier of fresh ground beef. The agreement became a fateful development. In a few years, Kroc managed to buy McDonald’s and became the CEO of the business. Otto and sons joined in and took to the task of supplying the ever-growing number of McDonald’s restaurants.

OSI Group continued to transform the food processing industries with ground-breaking solutions. The main aim of the company is to make sure that each restaurant or customer is provided with a consistent product. The core product of McDonald’s was its hamburgers and therefore needed to supply affordable and consumer-driven products consistently. They had to make sure that these products could be transported for long distances to the many McDonalds restaurants.

To better recognize the fundamental nature of its business Otto& Sons became OSI Industries which was part of their transition. OSI Group also changed the nature of its leadership as part of its transformation. This was because Otto & Sons were approaching their retirement years. Recently, this company has won many rewards due to its environmental safety efforts.

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