Article Title: Makes First Fruit Delivery Of The Year

Article Text: has recently completed its first delivery of fresh produce of the year. The company acquired and then brought in kiwifruit and apples from New Zealand. This completed one of its objectives of expanding to other foreign markets and providing more fresh fruit products to consumers. When JD Jingdong made this delivery, it partnered up with two of the top companies in the horticulture industry Zespri and Rockit Global Limited. With this partnership, JD Jingdong will be in position to expand its product line in the near future.

As well as benefiting itself along with Chinese consumers, JD Jingdong has been able to also help New Zealand prosper as well. With the demand for fruit imports by China, New Zealand has been able to add nearly 20,000 jobs and nearly 3,000 growers. This has significantly boosted the nation’s agricultural industry. China has recently seen a major increase in demand for fresh produce. As a result, JD Jingdong has looked to partner up with New Zealand so that it can import the nation’s top fruit products into China.

During the past couple of years, millions of Chinese consumers have looked to purchase high quality fresh produce. Many of these people are regular customers of JD Jingdong and therefore the company decided to expand to foreign markets to meet customer demand. Today, fresh produce has accounted for much of food purchases from JD Jingdong. The top consumers of the fresh produce products are middle class young people who are very conscious of their overall health and daily nutrition. With this new customer base, JD Jingdong has been able to capitalize on a steady target market of consumers.

The recent importation of fresh fruit products has helped JD Jingdong expand its logistics operations. It is now regularly going overseas to acquire products and then transfer them to China. As a result, JD Jingdong has been able to reach its goals of becoming a worldwide brand and remain as a top retailer in China and the rest of Asia. As of today, JD Jingdong sources products from about 50 nations throughout the world.

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