Article Title: Steve Ritchie Starts Papa John’s Change In Fortunes With A Public Apology

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Papa John’s CEO, Steve Ritchie recently took a bold move that is likely to change the tide for the pizza giant. The last few days had witnessed a bad spell for the company that had made a name in the food production industry. The CEO offered a public apology to thousands of fans spread out across the country. That seems to a step in the right direction for the beleaguered company.

In his letter, Steve Ritchie pointed out that the company had witnessed a rough week in a very long time. Throughout his 22 years at the firm company matters had never gotten so much out of hand. He distanced Papa John’s from the nasty exchange of words as he rendered his apology to their faithful clients.

He further insisted that the firm had no place for insensitive language and racism. The fact that Papa John’s is a global brand highlighted the need for inclusivity. Steve Ritchie also heaped praise on the more than 120000 franchise team members who are the face behind much of their success. Their work in local communities cannot go unnoticed as they work round the clock to offer nothing short of the very best.

Given that he speaks best with his actions, the CEO mentioned steps that Papa John’s was willing to take to restore their image. Top on the list was an audit that would be courtesy of external experts. The goal was to identify the inclusion practices as well as the diversity in the company. The firm will work on the findings to improve the working conditions while stepping up service delivery.

The top leadership is also expected to hit the road. The team will be looking to hear from the players on the ground. The feedback will allow Papa John’s chart a better way going forward. Steve Ritchie’s letter also mentioned that the firm did not have a problem with being held accountable. They had every intention of increasing transparency to earn the trust of their clients.

Steve Ritchie noted that he would be at the forefront of their plan of action. At the close of his open letter, he expressed his appreciation to clients who had stayed by their side over the years. Papa John’s could not have made all their significant strides in their absentia.

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