Sheldon Lavin leads OSI Group to success

Sheldon Lavin is a businessman and a financial analyst. He is also the chief executive officer of OSI Group Corporation. OSI Company distributes diverse range of food items globally. The company has provided employment opportunities to 200,000 people all over the world. Sheldon Lavin said that OSI has a spirit of being special and family based, and that it has strived for many years producing the best and experienced human labor.

Lavin started developing meat company back in 1970 when he was working for Otto & Sons Company which later renamed to OSI Industries. Otto & Sons manufactured meat products and it became the dominant distributor of hamburgers to McDonald’s company.

Sheldon Lavin won the Global Visionary Award of India in 20016 during celebrations conducted in Gujarat in India. The award recognized visionaries in different industries who have been able to make their dreams come true through endurance and determination of wanting to achieve their goals. Lavin helped OSI Corporation to grow from being a simple local food company to an international multibillion dollar food producing company. It has developed to have 60facilites in 16 countries.

The award was the fifth one of the company to give to competitors as a way of recognizing their accomplishments and to motivate others for do good. Sheldon Lavin said that OSI was one of the leading companies globally. It is a private owned business that has the ability to make concrete long term decisions. It strives to producing great leaders and executor for the sake of the clients and the company’s goal is to be the leader in food production and to produce products that can effectively establish and determine the needs of the clients.

The OSI group has a driving power of technical professionals who are able to deliver using digital methods of producing products and the methods should be cost effective. The company has a large number of loyal customers.

OSI is termed as strategic partner who aims at giving customized answers to suit a wide range of options for clients. It provides services at an assured product distribution, processing integrity and innovativeness, and a high standard of management.

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