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How to Create a Powerful Effect with a Molding-Wallpaper Combo

Wallpaper is an age-old decorating element that can be used anywhere in a home. Whether you apply it in your bedroom, kitchen, family room, or bathroom, it has more power than plain paint on the walls in adding patterns, textures, and sophistication. However, its charm and beauty can be increased manifold if you combine it with crown moldings and trims. Let’s find out how a molding-wallpaper combo can entirely change the ambiance of your interiors.

Be Bold with Black.


What should be the color of your crown molding designs? It seems a no-brainer! It will be white, off-white, or something similar. Well, don’t follow the trend blindly. Back in the days, especially during the middle of the nineteenth centuries, people used black on the baseboards to hide the dirt and stain. The trim shade was also used to be darker than the walls. Alex Mouldings offered modern crown molding designs that can be perfect with your home interior.

So, if you want to make a statement or a powerful impact, choose black moldings and trims. These will draw out the real potency of the wallpaper to be the star of a room. You can install moldings with a wide profile or just a sleek outline. Anything black will define the shape of the wallpaper and make it look bolder.

Or, Create a Contrast for Impact.

White trims on dark wallpaper also work well for creating a striking presence. You can use white trims to outline a graphic wallpaper to create a focal point. Nonetheless, the use of simple frame-shaped trims on the wallpaper will also make the whole composition pop out.

Go for the Classic – A Black and White Combo.


Many people will automatically choose white crown moldings for a black-and-white wallpaper. Well, there’s no hard and fast rule. Follow your heart and design sense while choosing the trim and molding color. It could be black, white, or a good mix of the two. For example, keep the moldings and trims black but apply white on the door and window casing for a black-and-white wallpaper. It will also be a good choice if you don’t feel confident experimenting with any other color. The palette will be monochromatic, but the clever mixing of the two opposite colors will look anything but boring.

 Try Similar Shades.


Most designers will choose white trim by default when working with wallpaper that has two almost similar tones. Well, you can do much more than just following this clichéd trick. Pick one of the two tones and paint the moldings and trims one shade darker. Unless the wallpaper features a black, deep navy, or a similar dark color, this method will work well. Another trick is to pick one color of the wallpaper and apply it on the moldings and trims. Choose exactly the same color and see how it engages views with a surprisingly transient appearance.

 Pack a Punch with Patterns.


If you don’t mind choosing your fabrics in clashing prints, it’s probably time for you to apply that method on a larger scale. Choose bold printed wallpaper for the walls and combine it with chair rails or crown moldings. Now, you can choose the panels in a simple profile to keep the focus exclusively on the wallpaper. On the other hand, slightly decorated molding panels won’t be a bad idea too as both the elements can combinedly pack a punch.

It will be a good idea to dress just one wall with such bold-printed wallpaper and keep the rest of the color palette as neutral as possible. The simplified use of colors will save the place from looking ostentatious and busy.

Combining wallpaper with crown moldings and trims is a brilliant idea. It’s a fresh approach to the interior decoration and opens up the scope for applying many new concepts. However, if you don’t think about their color combination, you will be missing out a lot. Choosing the right shade for the moldings will complement and even enhance the wallpaper.

Shiraz Boghani’s Progressive Nature.

Shiraz Boghani is among the people who founded the Sojourn Hotels LLP and also works as its chairman. Currently, Shiraz is the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group. Being a diverse businessman, Shiraz has a high reputation because of his responsibilities in the hotel business. He was recently awarded the Hotelier of the Year at 2016, Asian Business Awards. Shiraz has been among the first hosteller to begin producing limited service trademarked hotels in London. He has got engaged in more than twenty-five similar projects. As the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group Shiraz guides the development scheme of the company and still has a bright vision of the firm’s foray into different initiatives.

Due to his robust dedication to society, Shiraz plays critical functions in benevolent agencies and voluntary services. He has also served in many high positions in the Ismaili Community which includes being the National Conciliation and Arbitration board chairman, chairman of the Aga Khan University Resource Development Convener and also the being a member of the National Council.

Some of his attractive current projects are the establishment of the fashionable Hilton London Bankside. This project is found in the vivacious Bankside of London. Other projects include The Grand Hotel and Spa, The Conrad London St James and the York and Holiday Inn w found at Wembley in London.

When Shiraz got awarded the 2016 hotelier of the year, he was so quivered by it. He said that hotels are a significant portion of his business career and exceedingly proud of the substantial advancement of the group. He still recognized that the progress would not have been possible without the support of Splendid Family and the exceedingly skillful management and executive teams. The people involved in judging the award were highly noble people. This group included Amiy Roy who is a reputed journalist, Kalpesh R Solanki who is the AMG managing director, Shailesh R Solanki the executive editor of AMG and a respected businessman, Jitesh Gadhia.

Shiraz arrived in the United Kingdom in 1969 where he commenced his first course as an accountant of a small branch of Chartered Accountants. He later moved to Thomson McLintock which is currently known as the KPMG

Due to his creative and business-oriented mind, Shiraz was fast to identify business opportunities which lead to launching the Sussex Health Care. The firm has more than eighteen Care homes and over five hundred beds.

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Greg Secker Explains All You Need to Know about Forex Trading

Trading in the forex market has many advantages, especially now that the rate of inflation is over the ceiling, interest rates are low and the rate of wage growth is almost zero. While there are many other investment options that one can go for, the factors above make them very unprofitable and many people who go for them therefore end up making huge losses. Greg Secker explains all you need to know about forex trading.

Forex trading is all about trading in currencies based on how you expect the currencies to perform. Now is a good time to trade in forex because of the prevailing global economic conditions. The instability of the economy means that traditional investment options such as stocks are no longer as reliable as they once were. Just like with any other investment, it is important for traders to learn all about forex in order to make the most out of it. However, it is not rocket science and absolutely anyone can make big profits trading in forex.

It is very easy for one to start trading in forex and not much money is required to start. You can also practice how to trade on various platforms online before you actually start trading with real money. Traders can also make trades on the go thanks to all the trading platforms online. One of the most unique things about trading in forex is that you can make profits regardless of how the market is performing.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a forex trading guru who has made himself a big fortune out of the forex market. He is the brilliant mind behind SmartCharts Software, Capital and Learn to Trade. Through these, he helps people learn how to trade in forex in order to achieve financial freedom. Greg also has a passion for philanthropy and has an organization, the Greg Secker Foundation, through which he helps the less fortunate people.


If you have been toying with the idea of trading in forex, now is a good time to give it a shot. Just like Greg Secker, it could be your key to financial freedom. You can easily perfect your trading skills and make yourself a good fortune out of it. However, remember that the platform you choose to trade on greatly influences your success in forex trading.

Equities First Holdings Has Many Different Loan Opportunities For All

Equities First Holdings is a large company with the boutique feel that will help people get the loans that they need. This company has helped a lot of people get a loan product that suits their needs, and they are trying to make sure that they can get something that will help them have some more cash flow. That is very interesting for people who want to be sure that they can have more money in for investments or a business deal. There are some things that might make more sense when they talk to Equities First Holdings, and the company will offer only the exact amount of money that is needed. It is very important for the company to give people better lending options, and it helps them get better rates, terms, and fees so that they can move on. There is little documentation needed, and it makes life simpler and more


Mike Baur- A leader in startups industry

The latest technological advancements that we see in the worlds today have been very beneficial to the people of Switzerland. The age of computer and digital information has shaped the business sector in Switzerland in a big way. A lot of digital businesses have been set up all over the country. Switzerland have benefited from every technological advancement that we see today. Technology today have been tailored in such a way that it is beneficial in terms of helping people performing their basic tasks. The tech industry in Switzerland have created a robust economy that is among the best in the world. The tech industry have empowered the people by giving them access to jobs opportunities. For a fact, Switzerland is one of the countries in the world that have the lowest number of unemployed people.

What makes the difference between Swiss Companies and those from other countries in the world? While many experts have been busy trying to analyze the tech industry in Switzerland, they miss the very basic reason why the country is ahead of the rest. Most of the theories that are floated try to argue that the industry have been performing well because of government subsidy, governance and even the culture of the people in the country.

What they do not realize that Switzerland is a tech hub. There so many tech startups in the country. These tech startups address various issues that the society is facing. Startups are close to the end user and therefore they are able to address the specific problems that the community is faced with. This is unlike the big multinationals who do not have a means of developing tailor made solutions to the problems of different communities in the world.

In Switzerland one of the people who have done a lot in making the digital startups business grow is Mike Baur. Mike Baur is a co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. This is a company that helps startups in the country grow. He started SSUF together with his friend, Max Meister. The company runs an incubator program that is meant to help young digital entrepreneur develop their tech ideas into working business. Mike Baur through SSUF offers mentorship and training on how people can be successful in tech businesses. Apart from offering startups entrepreneurs training, he finances their ideas as well as providing them with floor space to conduct their business operations. Mike Baur hopes to help as many people as possible achieve financial freedom through their own businesses.



IDLife- A Personal Approach For A Diet Plan

Targeted nutrition has become an innovation in health as many adults in the U.S. that try to lose weight do not see any results after taking supplements. IDLife is a company that offers nutritional supplements for wellness of people. These supplements help people lose weight, increase their energy, metabolism, and immune system. When an individual registers with IDLife, he or she fills out a survey about health goals they want to accomplish. Products are recommended by IDLife according to the answers in the survey.

The health questionnaire is 100% HIPAA-compliant. There are seven sections in the health questionnaire: personal, dietary, lifestyle, physical, medical, and medications. Based on the results of this assessment, a customized IDNutrition program is created for you. The vitamins in this program are top-quality as they have are ranked 12 on a 1-12 scale. These vitamins do not have the fillers that are in poor-quality vitamins.Even if IDNutrition is not FDA-approved, it follows strict FDA regulations when produced and sold.

As a dedicated entrepreneur, Logan Stout founded IDLife in May 2014. The supplements of IDLife are different from other dietary supplements because they are target instead of having a one-size-fits-all approach. Stout studied business at Panola College. Then, he got a Psychology degree from the University of Dallas. Mr. Stout closed the headquarters office in Frisco, Texas for a short while so he could help his colleagues that were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. He collected supplies for the victims. Stout was successful as a 16 Time World Series Professional Baseball Player. Thanks to his passion for sports, he is the founder of the Dallas Patriots. Stout is a public speaker and motivational author. The December 2014 DSA Magazine Issue has publicized IDLife.

IDLife sells sleep aid strip with the flavor of mint. You put this strip on your tongue to help you sleep deeply. IDLife Appetite control is a weight management product that reduces your hunger cravings. IDLife EnergyShot is an energy booster that has 150 mg of natural caffeine that does not have any of the side effects (i.e. crash and burn effect) that other energy drinks do. IDLife Skincare products include day cream, night cream, and serum. IDLife has snackbars for men, women, and kids. Adult males eat chocolate almond bars. Chocolate berry bars are for children. Women eat dark chocolate berry bars. Shakes from IDLife come in three types: Meal Replacement, Vegan, and Kids.

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Rocketship Education: The Revolutionized Charter School Network

Rocketship Education or RSED is a renowned California-based non-profit charter school network. Preston Smith and John Danner founded the charter school network in 2007. The schools of Rocketship Education utilize integrated learning models with adaptive software to accelerate the achievement of students. Rocketship Education currently has 16 charter schools in Redwood City, Concord, and San Jose in California. The other charter schools are located in Washington DC and Nashville.

The Unique Approach of Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education believes in transforming schools to not only educate their students but also to empower teachers, engage parents, and involve the whole community. Rocketship is reconsidering the traditional school model by allowing their students to study in their way. They are also developing parent leaders in the various schools to advocate for their children. On the other hand, Rocketship Education is focused on training and development to guarantee that leaders and teachers have a great impact on the students’ performance as well as the entire community.

Essential Features of Rocketship Education

The charter school network refers to its students as rocketeers. The students receive personalized instructions targeted to cater to their needs. The schools of Rocketship Education offers blended learning models that integrate technology, traditional instruction, and tutoring. This allows the rocketeers to gain knowledge at their own pace.

Rocketship Education works closely with parents to reduce the gap in the children’s performance. They also enable parents to become great leaders at home, school, and the community. Leadership in the school setting includes planning school-wide occasions, heading community meetings, being advocates for their children’s needs, and helping leaders and teaching during interviews.

Leadership at home involves serving as good role models, household management, and assisting their children with homework. Additionally, leadership in the community ranges from participating in school boards and advocacy groups to being active participants in the community.

Rocketship Education is a growing family of parents, communities, teachers, leaders, and students. They are committed to making a positive impact in the education system of the future. The school of charter networks believes in innovation thus stretches beyond the status quo. They take reasonable risks to make positive impacts and develop ways of attaining the best achievement.

Todd Lubar- Baltimore to shine again

Baltimore City is going to be next big destination for investors in the real estate sector. There is every indication that it will be a great city, according to Todd Lubar. Todd Lubar is one of the people who has managed to follow the real estate sector closely in the wider Maryland region for a very long time. For more than twenty years now, he has been a key player in the real estate development of the area. Todd has owned real estate companies. He has also been head of various companies that have been offering financing and credit services to the numerous investors in the area.

According to the observations of Todd Lubar, the real estate sector in the region has already shown signs of becoming big. He attributes the recent growth to the demographic patterns that are happening lately in the city. Baltimore, commonly known by the young generation to as the Charm City have been experiencing an increase in the number of young professionals moving into the areas for settlement. The young professionals have brought in a wave of real estate development. Although most of them are looking for rented apartments, the fact that they are searching for them is proof enough that there is hope in the city.

The influx of the young professional in the city is expected to remain steady as long as the economy of the city continues to thrive. The development of the city is anchored on the young generation who are committed to seeing an improvement in the neighborhood they live in. There has been an increase in modern property that is associated with the young generation in the area. The transportation sector in the city has also been on steady growth in the city. Baltimore is now connected to other areas than ever before. The suburbs of the city are also likely to grow as the city becomes attractive to more people. Check out his for more.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar has been in the real estate investment sector in the area for many years now. He has owned various real estate companies as well as firms that offer credit services to investors. You can follow him on Twitter

Drew Madden Joins Evergreen Healthcare Partners

If you haven’t heard of Drew Madden, he is a managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a healthcare information technology company, based in Middleton, WI. The company was founded as a result of the collective efforts of Drew Madden, Rebecca Bottorf, Aaron Friedman, and Jeff Leach. According to the company’s website, Evergreen Healthcare Partners’ business model is based on providing customized healthcare information technology solutions to a wide array of clients, which includes advisory and implementation services.

Drew Madden attended the University of Iowa, where he earned a BSE in Industrial Engineering in 2002; after completing his studies, Madden began his career with the Cerner Corporation in 2002, serving as an Integration Consultant. In this role, Madden was tasked with implementing inpatient clinical applications for two hospitals in the Chicago area; in 2006, he left the Cerner Corporation and joined Ingenix Consulting (formerly Healthia Consulting), a national healthcare consulting firm. In this new role, Madden was responsible for implementing inpatient applications into various hospital systems in the Midwest region of the United States; he would maintain this role from 2006 to 2010.

In an effort to broaden his career horizons, Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners in the latter part of 2010, serving as the company’s Vice President. In 2011, he took on the role of President, which allowed him the opportunity to excel in a variety of areas like recruiting, consulting operations, and business development. While with Nordic Consulting Partners, Drew played an integral role in helping the company grow its workforce from 10 to over 725 employees and helped increase the company’s number of client partners from 3 to upwards of 150.

These various roles, along with his education, has more than prepared Drew to excel at Evergreen Healthcare Partners; with well over a decade of industry experiences, specifically in the areas of advising EMR projects, optimizing, managing and, etc, he will undoubtedly be a great fit for the organization.


Oncotarget, a Leading Cancer Peer Review Journal

Cancer is dreaded by everyone in the world. The disease is considered to be among the deadliest the world has ever seen. Some recent statistics have shown that the number of cancer detection cases will escalate up-to 16,688,780 by the end of 2017. The number deaths the disease causes every year is also expected to go up. To mitigate these worrying cases of cancer, it is important for sensitization to begin immediately. Oncotarget talks about cancer awareness and tries to find out some additional and improved ways of curbing the disease. Without a reasonable doubt, there is no any other review journal that can outdo what Oncotarget has done in regards to demystification.

More about Oncotarget

Launched in 2010, this global peer review journal centers its attention on all cancers’ pathological basis. Impact Journal publishes Oncotarget and follows the guidelines set by the Committee on Publication Ethics. The committee is comprised of top publishers and editors and is responsible for ensuring that every publication in peer review journals is in line with the ethics of publication. The Committee on Publication Ethics advices editors and publishers on some of the best ways to handle publication and research misconduct cases.

In the last few years, Oncotarget’s popularity has gone up. This can be attributed to its beneficial and insightful reviews that help researchers to better their research on cancer. Oncotarget familiarizes researchers with treatment procedures, protocols, and potential targets. More importantly, it makes the management process easier for cancer patients. Thanks to Oncotarget, people learn more about the latest cancer therapies.

Besides Oncology, Oncotarget welcomes papers on different subjects including Pharmacology, Cardiology, Cell Biology, and Neuroscience. Its editorial team consists of popular editors including Board Carlo, the Cancer Research editor in chief, and a Nobel Prize winner, Andrew Schally. Since joining the team, Andrew Schally has had more than 10 of his papers published in the journal. Since the journal was launched, 4 of its most active members have won the Breakthrough Prize. These members include Stephen J. Elledge, Varshavsky Alexander, Hall N. Michael, and Bert Vogelstein. The Breakthrough Prize is one of the most honorable prizes and more