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Matthew Fleeger: Business Man

Matthew Fleeger is a successful business man in the oil and gas, tanning, and waste management industries. His father founded Gulf Coast Western in 1970. Gulf Coast Western is a gas and oil company that focuses its attention to domestic oil reserves in the Gulf Coast. Matthew Fleeger received his business degree from Southern Methodist University over a decade after his father founded this successful oil company. This gave Fleeger the idea to study business, and he focused his degree on finance and marketing.

After college, he continued his experience in oil and gas and worked for several different companies in Texas, including Gulf Coast Western. He worked in this industry between 1986 and 1993 before he started his own company, MedSolutions, Inc.

MedSolutions, Inc. was a very successful company that dealt with the transportation and disposal of medical waste that was made by many different kinds of healthcare facilities. Between 1993 and 2007, Matthew Fleeger held various positions at the company including President, CEO, and Chairman. During his time there, he turned MedSolutions into a leader in healthcare waste management. Stericycle, Inc., the top company in the field, took notice of the company and wanted to cut them a deal. Matthew Fleeger lead the proceedings and helped to megotiate a $59 million deal.

After gaining the experience at MedSolutions, Fleeger returned to Gulf Coast Western as the President and CEO. Due to his background in business, the oil industry, and experience with mergers and acquisitions, he will make a good leader at Gulf Coast Western.

Matthew Fleeger is a solid entrepreneur. He was also an integral part for the start-up of two very successful tanning companies. Mystic Tan is the largest spray tanning franchise worldwide and Palm Beach Tan, a tanning bed company, started small but has grown substantially due, in part, to the direction of Matthew Fleeger.

Ted Bauman On Why Amazon Isn’t Quite A Monopoly.

Ted Bauman is known by some as a guru in the financial world. He has been writing for Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013 giving the everyday man advice on how to make good choices for their financial future. He shares his expertise in The Plan B Club, Alpha Stock Alert and The Bauman Letter. Throughout his career, he has worked with multiple non-profits in South Africa as an executive. One of the areas that he specialized in low-income housing through organizations like Slum Dwellers International. This organization has helped millions of people.

Recently, Ted Bauman spoke about Amazon and his opinions on whether or not they are Monopoly. While some insist that they are, he does not believe that this is the case with the company. Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple, used to be considered the king of the tech world until his passing. Jeff Bezos of Amazon appears to have taken over this position with his company that is now the 4th highest valued company on the NYSE.

While Amazon may be dominating the online retail industry, their reach extends to other areas such as cloud computing. Currently, they pull in revenue of around $170 billion a year. While the company appears to be going strong, Ted Bauman warns investors that they still have their fair share of vulnerabilities that need to be considered.

Ted Bauman believes that Amazon is akin to what the Sears catalog used to be. Jeff Bezos, like Sears, knows that location and convenience are important and people enjoy not having to leave their homes in order to purchase the items that they need. They may control about half of online retail, but their sales still don’t compare to physical retail chains such as Kroger or Wal-Mart which makes it difficult to label them as a monopoly. Though some experts insist that online sales at Amazon are cutting into traditional types of sales, Ted Bauman doesn’t believe that this is true. While Amazon may be able to ship quickly, people still enjoy being able to buy things straight from the shelves.

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Igor Cornelense: Brazilian champion trend analyzer

It takes a lot of moxy for a man to put his ideas first, when others haven’t caught up. That’s what makes Igor Cornelsen both the successful man he is and an example for up and coming businessmen of his caliber.

Research, hard work, and dedication are the primary factors that define him. His path at the Federal University of Parana was not that of the standard “dedicated student”; however, the path of a true genius is something that goes out of a standard curriculum. The structure of school isn’t exactly what appeals to those who can self-teach and go even beyond that. And Igor Cornelsen is a man that fits exactly into that category.

Of course, his studies and professors impacted him, but what he learned most was that the studies of the past only help to a degree as the world is ever-changing and new patterns evolve. He is the kind of man that sees these patterns and recognizes changes occurring on an immediate basis. That is the kind of man that makes a difference in the world.

Not only does studying news help with this level of insightfulness, but also a certain social aspect about him. Talking to people let’s you know not only what is going on in the world, but also helps a man like him see trends in how people FEEL about them. Igor Cornelsen is subrscibed to the analyzation of the twists and turns of both politics and the reactions people have to them. That is what makes him the man of career creation.

Any young financier would do well to be impressed by Igor’s success, but to not follow too closely in the man’s footsteps. As Igor did no such thing. Create, appreciate, don’t follow.

Victoria Doramus And Her Approach To Modern Marketing

Victoria Doramus has made a name for herself throughout her career as a creative digital and print media marketing professional. With an extensive resume that includes Hollywood director Peter Berg, the Creative Arts Industry and Stila Cosmetics, Doramus has done just about everything there is to do as a marketing pro. Now, Doramus is looking to share her story in order to enlighten future entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. Let’s take a look at the approach that has made Doramus so successful in her career.

Victoria Doramus went to school at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her focus at school was her B.A. in journalism and mass communications but she focused on creative classes as well, giving even art history a chance. This sort of creative educational background plays such a huge role in the marketing role and it is apparent that Doramus has incorporated it into her work. Outside of school, Doramus has worked with names like Peter Berg, Trendera and Mindshare. As an entrepreneur and a marketing professional, Victoria Doramus has to always be ready to shift gears to focus on a new industry and concept and that is one of the most difficult aspects of the work.

As someone who is always on the go, digital marketer Victoria Doramus relies on digital technology and a handheld notebook in order to stay ahead of her work. Doramus uses her iPhone X in order to get work done on the road and she uses a handy notebook in order to keep a log of concepts and ideas that need to be explored. Right now, Doramus is focused on smart technology as an interesting concept to explore in the future. She points to GPS technology such as the Fit Bit as a technology that she is fascinated by at the current moment. Entrepreneurs and marketing professionals must always have their eyes open to future industries.

Clayton Hutson: Producing Enjoyable Live Music Entertainment

The music industry is filled with talents who continue to transform the entertainment sector. One of them is Clayton Hutson, who is a sound engineer and an events planner. He helps artists set up their musical tour, be it an amateur or a professional. For him, the most important thing for his client is to execute their shows effectively and make their event a successful one. He wanted to perfect the aesthetic factor of his client’s shows and works tirelessly making sure that everything is working according to plan. Many artists consider Clayton Hutson as one of the best individuals when it comes to production planning and execution, and he is the first one to be considered when an artist is planning to have a musical tour.

Clayton Hutson went to college taking up a degree in theatre design. He also had experiences working with companies and firms that provide entertainment solutions, filling up roles as the project manager and the sound engineer. Through years of working for such firms, he managed to develop his skills, and he eventually became an expert. Knowing that he could also become a successful entertainment solutions provider on his own, he decided to quit his job and established his own entertainment solutions company. It was a great decision for Clayton Hutson, as he was able to develop his skills further, making his company marketable.

Today, Clayton Hutson can be seen at the backstage in most of the rock and roll tours around the country. He would occasionally be involved in other musical genres, but he is mostly attributed to rock and roll performances. He has been dedicating much of his time and energy to help blooming artists who wanted to have a grand debut or assisting professional musicians to have an enjoyable musical performance. He is in charge of every concert’s production, management, and design. Throughout his career, Clayton Hutson has worked with several famous musicians, including Kid Rock, Pink, and Guns’n’Roses, among others.

He is currently working on different technologies that would put a wow factor on the shows that he produced. Researching the current technologies that can be used in live shows is what he does in his free time, and he experiments with these new developments to see if it would go smoothly with the audiences. He believes that his company needs to cope with the changes in the field of technology for it to survive.

Jeunesse Global Provides Excellent Products For All Kinds Of People

People are complex characters who are going through life at their own pace. We all come to the table of humanity with our own unique challenges and things that are concerned about. It is unfair then to assume that we will all fit into some cookie cutter labels or that some generic products can help everyone live the kind of life that they want to. Instead, we must understand that only a company that comes to us with a unique set of products specifically tailored to our needs can possibly understand us.


Jeunesse Global hopes to be that company as they continue to innovate their way towards greater success. One of the things that Jeunesse Global has done so well is to offer their Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) to those who seek to gain the healing powers that are embodied in their products.

Take the product Instantly Ageless as an example. This is a wrinkle remover product that helps a person not have their issues with wrinkles for a period of about six to twelve hours. It takes just minutes to apply to the area of your body that you want to cover up, and then you are all set. You can feel better and more confident in the body that you have. This is something that a lot of people want at least for certain moments in their lives.


This is not to say that we should be ashamed of our bodies in any way, but it cuts to the heart of the fact that many people do have certain things about their physical appearance that they would rather not have to deal with. That is not something that we have to be ashamed of. It is just a fact of human existence, and we can all understand it and try to appreciate it for what it is.


All of this is to say that we all struggle with our issues related to aging from time to time. At least now there is a company that is out in the forefront of things that is trying to help those who deal with these struggles.

Get to Know Jeunesse Global Company

Jeunesse Global was started with the intention of bringing a youthful feeling to the public. Over the years, this company has developed 13 products to help people feel vital. Jeunesse’s founders Wendy R Lewis and Randy Ray were retirement-aged themselves at the company’s founding. They wanted to enhance the lives of people in their own age bracket, so they could live out their golden years in the best way possible.

Randy and Wendy were careful to ensure that the most auspicious numerology was in play at the official start of the business. They founded Jeunesse Global on September 9th, 2009 at 9:00 pm. The number 9 represents longevity. This was a great omen for both the company and the people it serves.

Jeunesse Global’s product lines include luminesce, an anti-aging skincare line. It uses proprietary ingredients to hydrate and nourish the skin. Luminesce addresses fine lines, wrinkles and dryness. This line of products was developed in concert with dermatologists. It’s designed to provide users with softer, smoother and younger-looking skin.

AM & PM Essentials attack the issue of age from another angle. Instead of being applied topically, these are supplements that are taken internally. AM Essentials includes B vitamins and antioxidants like vitamin E and vitamin C. Minerals like iodine, selenium and zinc are also included. These help you to function at your best during the day.

The PM Essentials products contain a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals, too. It’s formulated to help restore your body and its systems while you sleep. Many of the ingredients are the same, but the blend and timing make these supplements effective. With AM and PM Essentials, your body will never lack anything it needs.

The RVL line is an abbreviation for “reveal.” It’s designed to unlock the best things about your hair. With RVL ultra refining shampoo, scalp infusion treatment and leave-in conditioner, your hair will have ample body and shine.

Jeunesse Global makes products that are designed to improve lives. They also distribute these products in a unique way. Jeunesse partners with entrepreneurs and helps them to succeed in their own businesses.

Matt Badiali Is Passionate About Science

Matt Badiali is passionate about science. He was working on his doctorate degree when he began a relationship with someone who turned him on to the world of finance. Badiali was encouraged to study the industry so that he could assist the average investor with having success in the arena. Matt was inspired by this. He was also motivated to develop an easier way for people to have success as investors. Matt turned to writing in order to disseminate his advice. His track record shows that he has earned money for people who have followed investment advice. Badiali currently travels around the world speaking on the finance business and sharing his ideas.

Matt Badiali started publishing his information in a newsletter. It supported his investment ideas in the world of natural resources. Badiali continues to use this information to make financial investing as simple a process as possible. He is proud of the fact that this is a great assistance to people who are not highly experienced in the world of investing.

Matt Badiali starts his day early by consuming information from the newspaper and television. He is a family man who enjoys seeing his children off to school before heading into the office. Matt spends his first few hours of the work day writing and preparing himself for the day ahead. After at least two to three pages are complete, he returns phone calls and messages. This is where he schedules meetings and personal contacts for the following day.

Matt Badiali is inspired by personal experiences. He derives his ideas from taking action. Matt is able to learn from previous mistakes and formulate the best advice for people who are looking to him to make the proper investment decisions. Badiali’s world travels have given him an educated perspective. These are the type personal events that help him formulate the advice that he is trusted to give to others.

Betsy Devos Wants To End Corruption In Public Schools

The educational system of America is in shambles and it’s mostly the fault of local school districts. Whether we continue to pump more money into the Department of Education or increase local taxes, the system is still plagued with inefficiency and corruption. This is why Betsy Devos and many brave parents are wanting to opt out of the public school system.


In the rest of the developed or developing world, school systems are able to use money more efficiently. For example, Finland spends much less on education per student yet produces better test results than most countries in the world. This is likely due to the decentralization of schools and the corruption that creeps into schools districts.


While a soft-spoken and polite conservative woman, she is an incredible fighter in the struggle of bringing public funds into charter schools. In fact, her history of activism goes as far back as 30 years. She has participated in a variety of political campaigns, fundraisers and other efforts in order to get charted schools noticed.


Mrs. Devos is an active member of the Alliance for School Choice (AFC), which is trying to break barriers that prevent poor families from receiving an adequate education. While this organization had made promotional material about the subject, their main interest was to get key legislators elected. In some instances, they aided local legislators in drafting bills that will meet the goals of the organization.


The free market can do amazing things, even in education. When charter schools are given access to public funding, they typically use it in a more efficient manner than archaic public schools. With Florida’s tax-credit scholarship program, that is exactly what is happening and tens-of-thousands of families have been helped.


When parents feel that they have a lack of power over their child’s education or lack the means of finding a better school, they turn to homeschool. The AFC also supports home-schoolers in their campaign as it can be a viable alternative in most cases. Just taking a look at the test scores of home-schooled children, you will see that public schools are not any better.


Now that Betsy Devos is in the White House, she continues to be a fighter for the people, even if she goes against Trump’s opinion. For example, she had tried to fight his decision on rescinding the policy that allows transgender students into their bathroom of choice. She even took the time to make public announcements with the LGBT community to show her support for their plight.


As she is still lower on the totem pole in Trump’s cabinet, she still has to prove herself in the office. Mike Pence is one of the biggest influencers of Trump’s decisions, yet she still makes a valiant effort to get certain policies in place.


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Wes Edens: Owner of the Privately Operated Train System and a Sports Team

Wes Edens is a private equity investor and a sports team owner. He is the co-founder of the Fortress Investment firm. Wesley Edens invests in various industries and organizations such as the healthcare, transportation, and financial services. He is also the firm’s co-chief executive officer, co-chairperson, private chief investment officer, and president of the private equity.

He is responsible for publicly traded alternative investment and private equity businesses. Wes Edens is the founder and owner of the Milwaukee Bucks firm, and he worked at the Newcastle Investment Holdings as the Chief Executive Officer. While young, he was a competitive skier. He went to the University of Oregon State where he earned a B.S in Business Administration and Finance. He started his career at Lehman Brothers organization where he was a managing director and a partner.

The Fortress Investment Group

Since its establishment, the firm has been a trendsetter. This was proved when the company received the initial public offering as the only largest private equity organization to ever go public on the famous New York Stock Exchange. Nowadays, the Fortress investment group is a diversified Investment management company that directs more than $43 billion in assets for more than 1, 750 investors in the hedge funds, private equity, and permanent capital cars. The main areas of specialization of the company include operations management, capital markets, asset-based investment, acquisitions and corporate mergers and sector-specific skill of institutions and industries.

Wes Edens recently launched the Brightline passenger train which is privately owned and managed railway system in the entire country. The system first made its run from Miami to Fort Lauderdale in May this year. The owner who is Wes Edens believes that the system will be helpful and will deliver its services effectively to cities such as Charlotte and Atlanta, Dallas and Houston and other neighboring areas. Apart from the privately owned and managed train system news, Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens took a majority stake in Aston Villa Football Club which is found in England. The two jointly own and manage NSWE which is the firm that injected money in Aston Villa Football Team.