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Some of Wengie’s Hair Hacks for Gorgeous Hair

Wengie recommends using hair vitamins for soft manageable hair. She especially suggests that you get Sugar Bear vitamins to bring life to your hair. These vitamins can be purchased on Amazon.


For hack number two, Wengie says that healthy hair starts on the inside, as the phrase goes you are what you eat. She recommends you make sure you have Omega 3, for shine, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, thiamine, and folic acid for strength. These vitamins are great for people who are trying to maintain a vegetarian diet.


Be sure you clean your brush out. A dirty brush on newly washed hair spreads old grease and oil into the hair. The hair can be removed with a fine tooth comb or a kitchen skewer. Get a pan filled with hot water, get an old toothbrush and put some shampoo on it and scour the hairbrush bristles. Rinse the hairbrush in the pan and finally towel dry the hair brush.


If you want to unsure great smelling hair, take a dryer sheet and place it over the brush. Make sure that you push the sheet down so the brush bristles come through. The dryer sheet and bristles will detangle your hair making your hair smell nice.


In order to make your hair seem longer, take half your hair in the back and tie into the usual ponytail. Take the clump of hair that is underneath the first ponytail and tie it a little lower. For more hair hacks, watch this video.


Light And Refreshing EOS Flavors

When I look for a lip balm, I look for one that has a delightful flavor. EOS has a line of lip balms that are mesmerizing from the way that they smell to the way they taste on the lips. There are several flavors to choose from, but there are a few that I enjoy more than others. Each EOS lip balm is made of natural ingredients that include vitamin E and shea butter. These ingredients give the lips a soft feel and a plump look without too much effort.


The blueberry is perhaps my favorite as it’s also my favorite fruit to eat, shop at The smell from the container reminds me of a bowl of fresh berries with a bit of cream on top. It’s not really sweet, but there’s not really a bitter flavor when it’s on the lips. I enjoy the aroma when I open the purple container. The blueberry flavor lingers on the lips for some time after I apply it, which is a benefit since I work in an office all day.


More EOS products here on


Another EOS lip balm favorite flavor is vanilla bean. It’s a simple flavor that blends well with other scents that I’m wearing during the day. The balm isn’t one that’s overpowering or that leaves a burning sensation on my lips.


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In the Market for a Pre-Owned BMW? This Information From Beverly Hills Auto Is For You!

Once you drive a BMW, you will instantly be fascinated with the powerful drivetrains and comfortable interiors. It is cost-effective to buy a pre-owned BMW from Beverly Hills Auto Group. You will be able to stretch your money for the higher-end models, without sapping other areas of your budget. The BMW M-Series is among the most acclaimed product lines; featuring the sporty extras that get the adrenaline pumping.


If you are shopping for a pre-owned BMW from Beverly Hills Auto Group, there is not a lot to worry about. High-end BMW’s are generally well-maintained. The on-board computers are diagnosed by specialists in Germany; removing all of the ambiguity in dealer service and maintenance. Beverly Hills Auto Group thoroughly maintains records and information on all cars sold.


Beverly Hills Auto Group is your one-stop-shop for sourcing out pre-owned BMW’s. We source out the best kept and most desirable models for you!

Bruce Bent II And The Money Market Fund

A money market fund is simply an investment in debt securities with higher yielding fixed interest, short-term maturity, minimal risks, and at the same time maintains its net asset value of $1 per share. As money market funds are critical providers of much-needed market liquidity to financial intercessors, it is regulated under the Investment Company Act of 1960 in the United States. An investor can buy shares of money market funds through mutual fund brokerage and banks.

The money market funds come in three categories namely government, prime and municipal based fund investments as defined by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In accordance with SEC regulations, prime and municipal funds are further categorized as either retail or institutional founded on investors in the fund.

The Government Money Fund invests a maximum of 99.5% of its assets in cash and government securities or repurchase agreements with collateral securities. Similarly, the Treasury fund is government money fund that invests in U.S. Treasury Bills, Bonds, and Notes. In contrast, the Prime Fund invests broadly in fluctuating rated debt or unsecured promissory notes of companies and securities of the U.S. government and agencies. Institutional money funds are sold to companies, governments, or fiduciaries because they are high or low investments with low expense share classes. Municipal Fund based invests are obligations of state and local authorities normally exempted from federal and state income taxes. Retail money funds constitute 33% of the entire money market fund assets are offered to individual investors.

In 1971, the first money-market fund called the Reserve Fund was invented. Due to its importance and effect of this financial product on the United States financial history, it was recognized by the American Museum of Financial History, a branch of the Smithsonian Institution. Even though there existed indiscriminate buying and selling in the money market before the Reserve Fund was in place. As a result, the money market fund currently is worth over US$3 trillion benefiting many investors.

Bent II has a lot of knowledge and understanding of financial aspects including money market funds. In fact his father was the founder of the first money market fund. Bruce Bent II has gone on to be a remarkable force in the financial world. He graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor’s degree. From there he went on to help business with creative retirement stratedgies and financial solutions. Growing up in his father’s shadow has helped him carve out his own path to success. Currently Bent II is the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation.

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Highland Capital Management is Moving Forward

Highland Capital Management has $15.4 billion in assets when combined with its affiliates. Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and James Dondero and is a successful SEC investment advisor. Highland Capital Management is located out of Dallas and has offices all over the world, including in Seoul, Singapore, New York, and Sao Paolo.


Highland Capital Management is one of the most experienced and is also one of the largest alternative credit managers in the world. Highland Capital Management handles long-only funds, separate accounts, credit strategies, credit hedge funds, private equity, and collateralized loan obligations. Highland Capital Management also offers emerging market investments, natural resources, and long/short equities.


The large client base at Highland Capital Management includes endowments, corporations, financial institutions, foundations, pension plans, governments, and fund of funds. Highland Capital Management also takes care of high net-worth clients.


Community is very important to Highland Capital Management and the company invests a lot into the communities where their employees live and work. Highland Capital Management is extremely committed to helping to improve numerous lives through volunteerism, generous financial donations, and advisory board involvement. Highland Capital Management has generously given to not only local communities, but to national nonprofit organizations, as well. Since 2005, Highland Capital Management has generously given over $10 million to various organizations all over the world and continues to support well-meaning causes. Highland Capital Management also has a large following on social media and is helping people to live the life that they want to live.

Eric Pulier’s Method for Being Productive

Eric Pulier is someone who does everything he can to be productive in his day to day life. One piece of advice that he would give people is that a productive day does not start in the morning but on the night before. It is important for people to pick a good time to go to bed. This is so that he will get a good night sleep so that he will wake up well rested and refreshed the next day. This will also allow him to focus on the tasks he has to get done for the day.


One thing that is also important is making sure that one is getting enough nutrition. Nutrients are very important for entrepreneurs like Eric Pulier. For one thing, a lot of successful entrepreneurs make sure that they are eating right. This is one thing that Eric does in order to focus on what he needs to get done. This is also important because he often has a ton of tasks to get done throughout the day. If one is not on top of his game when faced with the type of tasks Eric is faced with, then he is going to be overwhelmed and is going to fall behind.


Eric has done a lot for his community and many people in society with all of his developments in the technology industry. He has set up social networks and software solutions for different people that are faced with issues. One thing that he has set up is Starbright World for children with chronic illness. One thing that he does when he gets ideas is write down the keywords so that they will be remembered. His way of bringing forth great ideas involves writing them down and developing them until they are fully developed.


The Investment Community Guru, Dr. Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage, Ph.D. is well known within the investment community, is the managing partner of 5AM Ventures, he has been able to build his career in health care management as well as in the investment community. Initially, he joined 5AM Ventures in 2003, after which he became the managing partner later in 2004. Scott Rocklage has 30 years’ experience of which is backed by his scientific knowledge.

Being a well-renowned leader has enabled him to be an active partner within the organization which made it easier in obtaining the FDA approval. The approval did open doors for three new drugs which include Teslascan, Cubicin, and Omniscan. These drugs were and still are revolutionary for him and his career at 5AM Ventures.

The organization is located in a few places in which they have a few offices operating, some of the areas include California, San Francisco, and Waltham, Massachusetts. Of these three, Dr. Rocklage is located within the Waltham offices and Scott’s lacrosse camp.

Before he joined 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage, Ph.D. was the chief operating officer and also chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals; furthermore, he was the CEO and president of Nycomed Salutar. While still serving these roles, he also had a few research and design positions. All of which has contributed to his experience and also the skills he has gained all along and learn more about Scott.

His educational background too shows how dedicated he has been all through his career, he did attain a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and also a Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. degree in Chemistry. These degrees are from the University of California, Berkley and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, respectively. Furthermore, he has been able to invent and co-invent above 30 U.S. Patents.

Through his leadership at 5AM Ventures, he has been able to ascertain that they still do have focus in life science thus being maintaining a keen attention to the next generation. The company has been able to support other entities which are working towards coming up with solutions which are of some assistance in healthcare. Which in return provides breakthroughs in medicine and science. Through this, it is evident that Dr. Rocklage is soaring to greater heights for his leadership qualities and experience and more information click here.

Beneful Treats Are Something Special

What good little doggie doesn’t like a treat? Owners may want to give their four-legged pal a treat, but might not be completely sure what brand of treats to purchase. Purina’s Beneful line does present a nice selection of treats. The variety of treats available may surprise owners — and pets — alike. A number of really unique selections are available.

Incredibites Dental Minis with Peanut Butter could very well be the best-tasting treat a dog tries. This particular treat is designed for teeth cleaning so the special taste serves a helpful benefit. The dog won’t be adverse to eating these treats when served.

One of the very best of the Beneful treats is the Break-N-Bites Tender with Real Beef, Barley, and Apple. The three ingredients that make up these treats are sure to appeal to owners wishing to serve vitamin-rich treats to their dogs. Apples alone are packed with nutrients. The presence of the fruit in these treats is a real plus.

Saving money on dog food and treats is sure to be a priority of most owners, too. Thankfully, Beneful’s website allows customers to sign up for coupons and discounts. Frugal pet lovers are sure to take advantage of all available coupons.

EOS Lip Balm: A Treat For Your Lips

EOS Products manufacture and market different type of beauty products. It provides hand lotions, lip balms, creams and body lotions. The company delivers its products with the help of online stores and retailers in the Canada and few part of United States of America. EOS was founded in 2006 and based in NYC, and their most famous product is EOS Lip balms.

EOS Lip Balm are pleasantly flavored and come with vitamin E that is antioxidant-rich, a famous ingredient for soothing lips, jojoba oil, and shea butter. These balms are dermatologist cleared, hypoallergenic and petrolatum/paraben free for soft, beautiful, smooth, lips. And it comes in different flavor so you can choose one as per your flavor choice. Few of the flavors are mentioned here so you can have an idea about which should you try first. Vanilla Bean, Strawberry Sorbet, Passion Fruit, Summer Fruit, Blueberry Acai, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Sweet Mint and much more.  Useful link on

EOS is an evolutionary of smooth, lip balm which is 95% organic, 100% natural and made with Shea butter for moist lips. Each and flavor that is available is market has some limitation, and some specialty such pomegranate raspberry flavor is petrolatum and paraben free. So, you must read the ingredient first so you can choose the one which contains your favorite taste and flavor.  Useful link on

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EOS lip balms are recognizable instantly because it is round and very colorful. The pods usually sell for approx. US$3.29 and come in different flavors and are available through their online store. EOS lip balm is also USDA-certified, and it is free of free of gluten. So in this summer try to treat your lips with this all-natural lip balm that is bursting with moisture and will provide adequate of moisture that your lips would when you go outside for personal or business work.  Follow EOS on

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Mike Baur’s Efforts Have Greatly Revolutionized the Working Environment for Startups

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur from Switzerland. He has a special interest in growing startups. His background training in finance and business administration gave him a good starting to his successful career. He attended the internationally known University of Applied Sciences Bern where he attained a degree in Banking and Finance, the University of Rochester where did an MBA, and the University of Berne where he got an executive master of business administration.


Career Development


Mike Baur’s 20 years long career in banking started in 1991 when he headed the UBS Fribourg division at UBS Wealth Management. He grew with this role, rose to the position of a wealth manager, and later led the KeyClient Group Switzerland. He left UBS in 2011 to join Clariden Leu as the head of Private Banking Switzerland. He then moved to Sallfort Private Bank AG as the head of Private Banking. He left to start an organization that invested in startups, Think Reload ag, which he still runs. He also works as the deputy M.D. of Swiss Startup Invest that offers a financing platform for startups.


Swiss Startup Factory


In 2014, Mike Baur joined hands with Meister and Oliver to start Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). SSUF is one of the leading independent and privately-held ICT startup accelerators in the country. The firm invests in digital entrepreneurs in Zurich in a bid to get them started in the market. The firm has a three months accelerator program that equips the entrepreneurs with the necessary training and mentorship as well as office space. Mike has been a key player in the organization, and his contribution cannot be overlooked. When Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI last year, Mike was named the deputy M.D. He has also led the firm’s accelerator program, such as with Goldback Group.


Other Roles


Mike Baur has always had an interest in giving back to the society by sharing his expertise with others. He is particularly involved with the youth, supporting them financially in starting their businesses. He actively involves himself with Innovative Lab Fribourg, a firm that trains and mentors business, engineering, and sciences entrepreneurs to get a technological standing in the market. He works as the VP of Innovative Lab Fribourg. He is also passionate about providing a better working environment for startups. As a result, he co-founded Swiss Startup association that fights for better conditions, such as legal, tax, and regulations, for startups in Switzerland.