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Healthy Snacks From Livio Bisterzo

Snacking always has been and always will be popular, but it’s hard to make it both healthy and convenient. Some people simply stop worrying about choosing healthy snacks and opt for whatever options is most convenient, but more and more people have been choosing health instead. That has caused significant trouble for many companies that produce traditional, unhealthy snack foods, but it has also opened up opportunities for people who are willing to innovate to appeal to modern tastes. Livio Bisterzo is one of those people, and he has managed to turn chickpeas into a healthy snack that appeals to modern tastes.

That new snack is called Hippeas. It is similar to traditional puffed snacks, but it is made from chickpeas instead of corn or other grains. That gives it more protein and fiber than many similar snack foods while also cutting the calories down to a safe level. Hippeas is also gluten-free, which makes it great for increasingly health-conscious consumers and even better for people who suffer from allergies. That blend of nutritional benefits has helped Hippeas to stand out from the crowd and earn a place in many supermarkets and coffee shops all across the United States of America and beyond.

Of course, no snack can survive purely on its nutritional benefits. Hippeas is popular in part because it manages to be healthy without being strange. People are familiar with puffed snack foods, and Hippeas comes in a variety of relatively familiar flavors. That familiarity is what separates it from other health foods, and is one of the keys to its success.

Hippeas is produced by Green Park Holdings, a company that was founded by Livio Bisterzo in in 2015 to offer healthy food that can break into the mainstream market. Unlike many people who work in the health food industry, Bisterzo comes from a background in business. He started his career in the luxury market, but he eventually moved on to the food and drink industry when he acquired Little Miracles Drinks. That experience made him realize that a new, healthy snack food had a lot of potential on the modern market and taught him all that he needed to know to go on to found Green Park Holdings. Since then, Bisterzo has used his business experience to grow Green Park Holdings into a successful company and to bring Hippeas to as many different people as possible.

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Markus Rothkranz Mac and Cheese Recipe

In this video, lifestyle guru, motivational speaker, and YouTube star Markus Rothkranz shares another one of his healthy and delicious recipes. He shows viewers how to make macaroni and cheese that is gluten-free, dairy-free, raw, and vegan as a way to satisfy cravings in a healthy way.

Markus uses cashews, pine nuts, nutritional yeast, paprika, turmeric, lemon, sea salt, water, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, and coconut meat for this recipe. First he makes the “noodles” from the rubbery meat of a young Thai coconut. He cuts the meat into strips, then into inch-long rectangles. He then puts the rest of the recipe ingredients into the blender to make the “cheese sauce.” Markus suggests using a really strong blender like a VitaMix to ensure everything blends well and the sauce is not chunky. Simply pour the sauce onto the coconut “noodles” and you have a bowl of yummy mac and cheese without the dairy or wheat. Markus actually notes that the sauce tastes sweet like dessert.

Near the end of the video, Markus lets a kid taste test his mac and cheese recipe to prove that it actually tastes good. The little boy happily eats the whole bowl and does a dance as he says how much he likes the mac and cheese. He even talks to his mom off-camera asking if she will make him this dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and if he can take a jar of the mac and cheese home with them. Markus then suggests putting the mac and cheese in a jar to store in the fridge and says you can eat it on the go as well.

The Success of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an innovator as well as a businesswoman who is dedicated to providing new and innovative products as well as ideas to the makeup industry, a growing industry that has been looking for new ways to promote individuals to wear makeup. Doe Deere has created a new and innovative idea to encourage both men as well as women to wear makeup that will promote a positive attitude that is demonstrated on the inside as well as on the outside. Doe Deere is a passionate businesswoman who has created a business empire for her fans and for her loyal customers.

Doe Deere is the proud owner of Lime Crime, a company that specializes in offering colorful makeup products to the customers. As the name suggests, Doe Deere is a fan of using bright and vibrant colors on her clients as it has been proven to promote a positive energy. Doe Deere is especially fond of the color lime and has named her company lime crime to not only make the company stand out, but to also be able to demonstrate the creative outlook that has helped Doe Deere to design her entire brand. Doe Deere, with over 10 years of experience, has already created a makeup empire.

Doe Deere created Lime Crime in 2008 as a side business to her clothing line with was an online brand that featured bright colors as well as patterns that accentuated to beauty in anyone. Doe Deere created Lime Crime as a side business in order to have a makeup that would not be washed out by the vibrant colors that she used for her clothes. Her first product to be made public was a lipstick which attracted thousands of customers that were looking for a new and innovative way to wear makeup everyday.

In recent news, Doe Deere was featured on Galore magazine, an internet-based magazine that wanted to learn of Doe Deere’s drive behind the company as well as her future expectations for lime crime. During this interview, Doe Deere stated that she has always loved makeup and that her passion for being creative has always been a part of her. Doe Deere distinctly remembers playing with her friends as a little girl and applying the brightest makeup to their faces that would match their bright clothes and their bright accessories. With fond memories of using makeup, Doe Deere often states that she feels as though she has cheated with her career as she is having too much fun.

Doe Deere has always been an individual who has been dedicated to making her fans happy. Doe Deere is a businesswoman who made the decision to make her business a internet-based business for the purpose of relying heavily on the input of her customers. This business decision has not only kept Doe Deere humble, but has also encouraged her sold products to continuously get better. Doe Deere hopes to one day have a shop in a central location where she can get to know the community.

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The musical ladder of Norka Luque

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan girl from a modest family. Since young, she has always dreamt of being a star through her voice. She wanted to do more than just sing, she wanted to spread a message of hope and inspire everyone that listens to her. At a very young age, she had the support of her parents who encouraged her to dive in her passion and gave her lessons in ballet, flamenco and piano. At a very young age of eight, she did a preliminary album with a similarity to Luis Miguel and Shakira songs. From that time forth, her childhood and teenage years have always been filled with music.


 Norka’s educational background is impressive. She moved to France after high school where studied Business Administration and had a degree in Marketing, Culinary Arts and Fashion. She managed to join a band when in the country where she pursued music more as a hobby. A few years later, she went to the United States and has managed to work with famous producers. She has been mentored and aided by renowned Latino producer Emilio Estefan.

Norka managed to produce her first album in 2011. The album instantly became an award-winning for the year. She released a subsequent single in the year 2012. The second album was made of several hit songs that have remained on several charts for many weeks.


While many American audiences don’t know about Norka Luque, she has a big name in the Latin community. Many singers in the recording industry come and go. Most of them make a single-time hit and are never heard of again. Norka Luque is totally different, her voice radiates and burns dance floors for many years now. She has been known in Latin America and now in the western United States.


Norka owes her success from the major contribution of her producer Emilio. She has been mentored too by other big names in the Latino music industry. She is deeply inspired by Latino musicians such as Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin who have made a name for themselves with Latino music. Norka has followed their footsteps and has been nominated for several awards. She was nominated as top female vocalist in 2011. Since then several doors have opened up for her in Latino music. Norka’s main aim in music is to sing hope and inspiration with her songs, most of her songs are centered on this theme.

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IAP Worldwide services acquires two companies to become a technology world leader

IAP Worldwide Services is a leader in providing logistic services in many fields. The company has been on a constant lookout for ways they can upgrade and expand their services. They achieve this through partnering with other companies or an entire acquisition of other companies. IAP recently made a major acquisition on that should take the company to the next level regarding the services they provide.

The firm announced that they have acquired the Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business and DRS Technologies. DRS Technologies is located in Oklahoma City. The firm has a primary focus to develop a long term growth strategy. Tactical Communications on the other hand is located in Maryland at Aberdeen Proving Ground. IAP Worldwide Services has had a focus on mission support services and logistics. Tactical communications also deals with aircraft repair and management. IAP was mostly impressed with the unique capabilities offered by each company. They believe that both companies can play a huge role in the long-term growth.

IAP Worldwide services has distinguished itself from other companies due to their ability to make a possibility with the impossible. They have engaged in logistics in a global scale, their services are always available at a ready moment, be it overseas, natural disasters or in battlefields. IAP Worldwide Services are simply experts in managing different areas, they do this with utmost efficiency as seen at the main website.

The company has always had the customer in mind, they never rest until they offer the best results to clients. This was one of the main reasons why they acquired the two companies. The acquisition is meant to boost their worldwide market and move to the engineering field in the Engineering and Aviation solutions.

Like any other company that wants to stay at the top of completion, the manager ought to always be on the lookout for new opportunities of growth and expansion. This largely the case with IAP Worldwide. The company itself is run by skilled professionals with the knowhow of business growth and how to get into the business markets. Leaders of IAP Worldwide Services are visionary people who are always looking for a chance and a potential in the market. People that watch the company closely know that they know how to spot opportunities in the market and when to act.

IAP generally provides facilities management, professional, technical and global scale logistic services. The company has in the recent past worked with several groups such as commercial enterprises, humanitarian organizations, the military and the government.

Jim Hunt And VTA Publications Can Offer Advice You May Not Find Anywhere Else


VTA Publications is a little-known company in the UK that publishes books and multimedia on finance and investing. CrunchBase writes that this was started by Jim Hunt, and this company isn’t your typical academia book publisher. Instead it’s led by people who want to challenge their readers to think outside the norm and take a few risks. For example, in one of their articles they compare the everyday task of commuting to and from work like riding the zombie train. The point of the article is to open up peoples’ eyes to what starting up a business can do for them if they’re willing to step out of the ongoing day-to-day routine.

VTA Publications has put together a comprehensive collection of learning materials covering a wide range of subjects from learning how to read stock market charts and execute trades, to placing money in alternative futures options, and learning about retirement. They also bring in some of the best business minds for annual seminars, and customers can purchase recordings of those seminars as part of distance course materials. VTA Publications ships their course materials to anywhere in the world, and all users have to do is go to to order them.


But even more interesting is the man behind this company, Jim Hunt. Hunt is an investor and trade strategist who offers tips on how smaller dollar investors can make trades that the big banks don’t want them to know about. He’s started up two programs that deal with trading in “Wealth Wave”, and “Making Mum A Millionaire.” The idea behind “Wealth Wave” is to show investors how they can make an investment in a bear market, and have the profits fall into their hands when they otherwise wouldn’t. And in “Making Mum A Millionaire” Hunt wants to show his audience how just 10 trades can get them a tax-free million-dollar earning. Hunt publishes YouTube video tutorials on using stock charts and on his 2 projects, and users can follow him by going to his channel.

Why Wengie has Become a YouTube Life Hack Sensation

Wengie has become a YouTube life hack sensation. She offers many tips, hacks, and ideas that have helped to make millions of people’s lives simpler. Her innovative techniques will take the hassle out of your everyday routine. She helps you shorten the time it takes to do simple tasks like doing laundry or styling your hair. She even offers organizational tips that will help you to stay on top of your game both at home and while at your workplace. She also gives insight into the pros and cons of making some very important life decisions.
Wengie has taken the internet by storm. Viewers look forward to her daily vlogs (which are blogs in the form of a video rather than print). They are wanting to know just what tips and hacks she has to offer them each day that can help them be more productive, more organize, a better parent, a better spouse, and even more successful financially. While she may not be an expert in every field of knowledge, she has done countless hours of internet research to find out the best methods that she feels will help her readers.
1. In one of her recent YouTube videos, Wengie reviews a beauty product from Japan that helps to whiten your teeth. It’s known as Tooth Makeup. Basically, it looks like a tube of lip balm in liquid form. When applied to dried teeth, it will temporarily whiten your teeth. However, it must be reapplied after a few hours or after you eat or drink something. In another video, she shows viewers how to choose the right type of glasses for their face. Wengie is number one Asian beauty channel in Australia. However, she has fans all over the globe. So check out Wengie’s YouTube Channel here

Livio Bisterzo May Just Be the Coolest “Hippea” at Starbucks

livio bisterzo hippeas yello many bags

My first experience with a chickpea was years ago in Texas. It was in the form of Hummus, and I will admit I was not impressed. At that time, the main product in this gray, clay-like product was introduced to me as Garbanzo Beans. I recall it well; it was my introduction to a healthy food new to me in my youthful 18 years.

Fast forward a few decades and it may be fair to say that the Garbanzo Bean (which may also be referred to as the Egyptian Pea as well), has possibly reached Maslow’s top hierarchy of self-actualization. An amazing Italian entrepreneur and businessman by the name of Livio Bisterzo has taken a squishy little legume and made it into a hero. The chickpea is no longer a dull legume waiting to be mashed into a dip. It has morphed into Hippeas, and this popular new snack food is all the latest craze on Starbuck’s healthy grab-and-go menu.

Livio Bisterzo, although of Italian descent, studied at London’s University of the Arts before developing and leaving a trail of successful food and/or beverage businesses. Bisterzo became CEO and developed his latest company Green Park Holdings in 2015. This year, he and his family brought Green Park Holdings to Los Angeles. Along with that move, Bisterzo brought his determination and mission to produce a variety of healthy snacks that are convenient and are attractive to the businessperson who is on the go.

The creatively named Hippeas are developed chickpeas that have come a long way since they were most popular as Hummus dip; Hummus’ greatest attribute was to have enhanced flavors added to the dip. Hippeas are the antithesis of dip; they are crunchy little morsels that are gluten-free and vegan, and they are cooperative travelers. An extensive amount of time was invested in creating two market-friendly varieties: Vegan White Cheddar and Far Out Fajita. Bisterzo considered consumers’ senses intensely in the production of these snacks; not only did they need to be healthy, they needed to have just the perfect crunch, savory flavor, and visual appeal. Packaging is bright and cheerful and has modern appeal. Starbucks fans apparently think that Bisterzo has mastered his mission, as Hippeas have hit the market running.

Inside Brian Bonar’s restaurant that is fit for a queen

Scottish entrepreneur Brian Bonar decided to build a restaurant in the small empire of North County. For a start, he began small with the bistro, which is Bellamy’s current home. It has been a while and there a lot of progressive work to say about this bistro. At Bellamy, you are not welcomed by mermaid-hostess on the streets asking you for dinner. Bartenders here sport moustaches and suspenders; it is only because they have done this for decades. For this place, it is the classic cars that bring people together.

Bored teenagers flock the mall food courts with a cranky look and tons of jewelry with them, it seems like every part of the city till you meet the small difference. There is a grandfatherly police at the view of such suspicion. Well, leave the noisy teenagers, her Majesty the Queen recently made a grand entrance to this restaurant too.

At one Tuesday evening, within the company of Princess Royal, she made an entry to the executive eatery. She would tell you that many factors make the choice of a place for a dinner; venue, the ambience, the food, the wine list and perhaps the décor and lighting.

For people that want to see and be seen, then charm your way into Brian Bonar’s restaurant. You will get past the doorman and find yourself in Berkeley’s ladies, be sure to drive into shoals of them. This was the restaurant too where the queen was headed to celebrate the 90th birthday with one of her oldest friends. The former lady-in-waiting Lady Penn celebrated her birthdays here. The distinction with this restaurant is in its high society and aristocracy that brings the highest form of difference.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is simply a lover of design who pays close attention to his approach to principle. He has in the past brought his collective expertise and design to build an executive eatery location. He is an expert in land use approvals, building design, procurement, contract administration guide and development.

These skills have given him the ability to bring stakeholders together for a greater good. The Bellamy’s is one such public display of his good work. It is quite a restaurant, so good that it is literally fit for the queen.

According to Dalrada, throughout his career, Brian Bonar has always developed himself as a leader and someone of good reputation. He is inspired to achieve his goals and lives to the aspirations of his team members, his clients and all the extended partners in his projects.

Brian has a diverse blend of skills and experience. His portfolio features an array of disciples that includes retail, aviation, family housing and more so creative projects. He has beautifully blended his skills to build great teams, great projects, and a great client relationship.

Seattle Genetics and The Founder Clay Siegall Help In The Fight Against Cancer

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company that helps with the treatment of cancer. They come up with therapies based on antibodies to help combat cancer. These antibodies help to destroy the cancer cells so that individuals can heal and become Cancer free.

One of the antibodies that Seattle Genetics makes is ADCETRIS. This medication is available in over sixty five different countries. They are currently testing the drug to see if it will become the leading drug to use for certain Cancers. These Cancers include Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma, Hodgkin Lymphoma, and B-cell Lymphomas.

This company was founded in 1998. Seattle Genetics employees over eight hundred people, that all care about helping people become Cancer free. Seattle Genetics headquarters is in Bothell, Washington.

Clay Siegall is the founder of Seattle Genetics and is currently the president of this company. Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics because he wanted to help people with Cancer be able to live long and healthy lives. He also founded this company because it was in a field that he is very familiar with. He wanted a company that could help cancer patients through researching and developing drugs that would attack Cancer cells in a person’s body. He has guided Seattle Genetics well and they have produced a lot of different medications that help with Cancer.

Clay attended the University of Maryland. At this university he obtained his B.S. in Zoology. He then moved on to attend The George Washington University where he studied and obtained his Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics.

Clay has won several awards throughout the years. In 2012 he won Entrepreneur of the Year from Pacific Northwest Ernest and Young. Then the following year, in 2013, he won the Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math, and Natural Sciences from the University of Maryland.

Seattle Genetics is a great company that employees people that really care about Cancer Patients. Through the leadership of Clay Siegall this company has really helped a lot of people live cancer free. Seattle Genetics will continue to help many more people through it’s research and development of cancer drugs.