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Lime Crimes Excels In The Cosmetic Industry Yet Again

If beauty is skin deep, there is one cosmetic blend on the market that has been proven to accent your looks and highlight your best features. Most women long for a unique blend that offers organic ingredients because their interested in retaining natural beauty. Imagine a completely vegan cosmetic blend that is clinically tested completely hypoallergenic and safe to use for even sensitive skin. The superior Lime Crime blend is a unique blend of eye-shadow and lipstick products in hard to find intricate colors. Their founder, Doe Deere, has always had a unique way with colors and plans to share them with other users around their world.

What’s Trending With LC Cosmetics

Customers can choose from a unique Polly Pocket collection with a 90’s style palette that sets the mood. Customers have said there cosmetic blend takes them back to their early teens. You can conveniently choose from a 5 tray palette with a rich buttery blend of colors. They offer the same vegan colors their customers are use too and won’t threaten sensitive skin with blemishes or rashes. Customers can order the LC PURR line directly from the LC website.

LC Expands To An International Network

Amazingly, the Global Marketing Specialist for LC suggested, a wide black market of matte cosmetics along with a proposal to stop the threat. They now offer LC products in China through an e-commerce market. The initiative has been a success for all parties involved. Since their launch they have sold over 1 millions cosmetics within 6 months. They advice their customers to use authentic cosmetics to avoid damaging your skin. LC cosmetics will remain completely vegan and give their customers a unique opportunity to highlight their best features.

You can visit the unique LC YouTube to help with your color options. You won’t find their exclusive line of cosmetics at regular beauty outlets, but you will find them at select participating Bloomingdale department stores. Join the express Lime Crime family today by choosing their line of shades and hues directly from the Lime Crime website.