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Waiakea Water — Erupting With Goodness

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is an all natural drink. The water comes straight from the volcanoes of Hawaii! The truth is, it is one of the best bottled water companies on the market. The water is so pure because it flows from the top of an active volcano, through miles of volcanic rock, and gets cooled at the bottom in a natural spring. The water is absolutely mind blowing! A woman drank the water for the first time and she couldn’t help but proclaim how tasty the drink is. The other companies that sell bottled water are not able to compete, because they have products that tarnish the face of the earth. Their water leaves pollution and does not respect the earth. If you walk through your grocery store, you will probably notice at least twenty different bottled water companies. They all pollute the earth. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water uses natural bottles and natural methods to source their water. No animals, plants, or natural resources are harmed in the process.

The largest contributor to pollution on the earth is bottled water. The companies drive oil prices sky-high by consuming millions of tons of plastic every day to make their bottles. The bottles then end up on trash island. Trash island is a massive floating island made of pure trash in the Pacific Ocean. It is a hazard to ocean wildlife, and it blemishes the earth beyond immediate repair. The bottled water companies and the oil industry have created this monster. Their water bottles will not decompose into the earth for another 100 years. Waiakea Volcanic Hawaiian Water uses a new method to produce their bottles. They use a process that creates a bottle that will decompose in 15 years. This is a massive benefit for humanity.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is located in Hawaii, they have based their company strategy on customs directly from the island. The company can network with other water enthusiasts and create an even larger network of experts. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is the premier company for premier bottled water. They are growing and do not show any signs of stopping.

Susan McGalla Says You Can Balance Being A Mother With Your Career

Susan McGalla is the Vice President of Business and Creative Strategy for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and a part-time executive consultant at P3, and she’s given many interviews about her career to Pittsburgh news outlets. She’s also written an article about balancing your life between career and being a full-time mother. Some of her keys to maintaining a healthy balance include staying in shape, planning out your day and getting rest when you can. McGalla says it takes a lot of energy moving from work to attending to children coming home from school and managing their activities, and any rest you can get will be of great help. And just taking about 10 or 15 minutes here and there to do jogging or other workouts can be very important to your well-being.

Susan McGalla has worked hard throughout her career to become one of the first major female executives in Pittsburgh and an expert in fashion and apparel branding. She grew up in East Liverpool, OH and after completing her bachelor’s degree moved to Pittsburgh and worked for a little over 10 years at the Joseph Horne Company. McGalla became interested in what the fashion retail brand American Eagle was doing, and she joined them and offered some in-store marketing ideas for women’s apparel as a local merchandising officer in 1994. But several years later she gained higher influence at the company as she became Chief Merchandising Officer and eventually president of the company. During her time in that role American Eagle upgraded its headquarters and even noted that it increased its appeal to female customers by the time McGalla left.

Susan McGalla has been involved with other key businesses including HFF Inc., a real estate firm and is also a former trustee at the University of Pittsburgh. She has recently announced the new rollout of the Pittsburgh Steeler’s pro shop and its new interactive website design. She not only advises executive leaders and marketing departments at P3, but she’s spoken at business conferences and female leadership meetings about how young women can reach their goals without using the gender card.