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Who is Peter Briger?

When the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee (PEAC) was first founded it as tasked with finding innovative ways to bring out the best in entrepreneurship from the University. Having clearly understood there mandate they came up with various suggestions one of them, including The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF). PEAC had already in their mandate defined entrepreneurship as “the initiation of transformation through risk-taking actions and value-creating organizations” this definition was further strengthened by the belief around Princeton on the power of liberal arts and the impact they have on entrepreneurship. By building on this strength, it was possible for the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee to achieve their set mandate.

Having identified all the above, they turned to some of their strongest entrepreneurial minds led by Peter Briger. He is an alumnus of the school class of ’86. As one of the most successful individuals from the school as confirmed by Forbes magazine when they named him among the top 400 business professionals in America the committee was sure not only would he be willing to help but his insight would help propel the young entrepreneurs to new levels. Peter Briger was quick to act and impressed by the initiative came together with Gordon Ritter and funded the pilot program. The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund was to give 100,000 to creative ideas that were approved by a six-member team that would be tasked with reviewing the proposals sent by the participating teams.

This team would then get personalized support and attached to various entrepreneurs who have already been successful in the industry. The level of success expected from the program is expected to propel Princeton and the country at large to greater heights. The committee has been very grateful to Peter Briger as he has been one of the most consistent and vocal voices in support of the initiative and contributed a lot of personal resources to it. Peter Briger continues to be grateful to Princeton for pricking his business interest as he undertook his B.A there. He later moved to Goldman Sachs &CO where he would work for 15 years, attaining partner status midway through his stay there. He would then move to Fortress Investment Group in 2002. This would see his business star shine even brighter as he climbed the corporate ladder quite fast. In 2006 he would be elected to join the board of directors followed quickly by an offer to become co-chairman of the board in 2009.

Mr. Hicks, His Wife, And The Best Investment Firm In New England – Southridge Capital

Not everybody has time to help their communities, environments, the world, or even someone as close to their homes as one foot across their property boundary lines. While it’s great we are not forced to rely on others as much in today’s world as humans have been forced to in the past, too many people don’t care about being civic-minded.


Fortunately for southwestern Connecticut and the rest of New England, Southridge Capital LLC has strong corporate social responsibility policies that help organizations, small groups, and individuals around the Ridgefield area, a wealthy area of southwest Connecticut.


First, let’s explain what Southridge Capital is, what it does, when it was founded, when its corporate social responsibility protocols were put into place, who works for the company, and other information readers might find interesting. You can visit their website



Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about Mr. Stephen M. Hicks’ own Southridge Caital


According to PR Newswire, Stephen M. Hicks incorporated Southridge Capital by himself in 1996 after spending nearly 15 years on the rosters of other financial firms and companies. The most significant o those companies was Sutherland Capital – though the company technically isn’t known as “Sutherland Capital”; rather, the popular, publicly-traded financial services provider with a team of top-notch portfolio management professionals – because it was here he learned more skills related to high-tech investing strategies, learning to play the waiting game sometimes, and hardly ever playing aggressive – not to mention where he picked up more customer service skills than he had ever accumulated throughout his entire life.


Southridge either advises clients on this, that, and the third or invests corporations’ money in various causes ranging from standard financial instruments like stocks or bonds all the way to private investments that Southridge Capital scouts out, evaluates, and allocates money to on its own.


The company was created in 1996, making it some 22.5 years old today – July 2018. Two years after Mr. Stephen M. Hicks founded Southridge Capital in Ridgefield, Connecticut, he and his wife decided that Southridge Capital needed to have a subsidiary or partner organization for philanthropic activities. Soon after, the pair came up with The Daystar Foundation, a nonprofit organization that hands out money to any cause its owners want.



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Southridge Capital is a financial company which has been working together with an executive team for over two decades now. It works with the principle of helping in gradual growth and display of a financial plan and works on the idea without fail. The overall director and chief of the company is Stephen Hicks.

The company has helped many entrepreneurs to relish their potential to the brim by exploiting their financial capacities for complete fulfilment. For this reason, Southridge has over the years invested a lot of capital to ensure companies in different countries worldwide have been elevated to separate and independent financial position.

Also, the company is specialized in providing services in various financial sectors which are crucial for a company to grow. Some of these areas include; project outlay, operations in a given company, economic analysis, and statements. Through these services, the companies stature’s are assisted in their maintenance. It makes it easier for a company to be aware of the projects to take as they will bring in gains hence improve the profits of the companies.

Moreover, the company greatly assists in creating balance sheets for various companies. This becomes of significant impact as it vividly shows or gives access to the companies on the ways to use to yield more gains. This offer also ensures that the company is capable of balancing between the expenditures, increases, and debts available. As a result, a company gets to know which investment to undertake, the one to discard and the things to do to improve the benefits and reduce the debts and loses. For more details you can visit

Southridge Capital is a respected financial company as it aids companies financially using a variety of strategies that are not common but would bring definite results and desired outcome. This is facilitated by the great team working in the company who provide services in areas such as security of a company, the debt reduction and other solutions among other areas. The company comes in practically by analyzing the problems available and working to provide solutions. They work hand in hand with the creditors to work on ways to reduce debts as this makes a company fragile. They also analyze the present investments available together with the company’s properties to gauge the vulnerability of it. Therefore, Southridge Capital works tirelessly and puts in a lot of efforts to ensure the financial growth robust growth of companies.

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Don’t Become Another Statistic

Banking offers options to improve spending, make more money or to excel when investing. None of these matter if you’ve been living as another statistic in the world. Getting out of the rut of bad spending, clear mismanagement or a pure misunderstanding begins with the right objective. You become another statistic when you open an account without having a real plan.

A bank account can do more than simply put away your money, but you’ve got to set those objectives. Here is where you can make the ultimate difference. That change is with the NexBank agency. NexBank is a premiere Dallas, Texas bank that looks to the local economy for inspiration. The inspiration the bank has is what you’ll also leverage for a better financial life.

Differentiate Yourself With A Better Bank

Stand out today by putting to use the wide selection of services that you have with NexBank. Diversity is key to protecting your wealth and to keeping it from being lost all in one fail swoop. NexBank uses diversity to give you a better overview and to leverage more financial returns for you in the end. This work is about care and making sure you’re not another statistic.

You will also differentiate yourself from others in your community when having the highest professionals in finance manage your money by offering you greater insight. This is priceless for the Dallas, Texas resident. The local services of NexBank stand out because it takes into consideration who you are, where you live and the work you do in the city.

Starting With Your Financial Future In Mind

The start of every relationship with NexBank begins with your financial future in mind. There’s a diversity of options you can use and to get you headed in the right direction. Being a professional or resident in Dallas, Texas means you deserve to have the best financial future possible. This can only happen once you’ve taken into account what you’re working with.