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Why You Should Choose Dr. Mark Mofid for Your Plastic Surgery

Anyone considering plastic surgery should do their research. Because the face is generally the first thing others notice, choosing a top-notch board certified physician is essential. Dr. Mark Mofid is one of California’s best plastic surgeons and is highly respected by both his peers and his many patients.

Mark Mofid got his undergraduate degree at Harvard University and went on to get his medical training at John’s Hopkins University. He has performed hundreds of successful procedures and many say he is a wizard at his trade.

Dr. Mark Mofid is dedicated to helping his patients achieve their personalized goals. He understands that each patient has individual goals and needs. He genuinely listens to his patients’ concerns, questions and any apprehension they may have. According to his mission statement, he indicates his primary goal is to “provide patients with the highest quality state of the art cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.” The mission statement also indicates that he vows to stay abreast of the most advanced techniques in plastic surgery.

Dr. Mofid also emphasizes the importance of personalized care. He understands that the patient must have a voice in the process and he welcomes this kind of interaction. He promotes this sort of conversation with patients by way of an “honest, accurate and thorough individual consultation.” Patients of Mark Mofid are not rushed through the process. Compassion and understanding are extremely important aspects of his mission.

Mark Mofid provides many forms of plastic surgery. He performs facelifts, chin implants, rhinoplasty, brow lifts, and eyelid surgery, to mention just a few. He also does neck liposuction and facial fat grafting. Furthermore, his skills are not limited to just the face and neck area.

His website is filled with photo galleries of before and after pictures. You can view these galleries at which time you will be amazed at the artistic and aesthetic changes he produces. Reading patient comments will confirm that he is an extraordinarily talented surgeon. These comments go beyond mere satisfaction with the procedure. Many report that his procedures are life changing. The comments are filled with statements of gratitude for the work he did and the time and empathy he provided throughout the process.

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Talkspace: They Are Interested In People

One of the greatest things that we can do as a society is take an interest in one another. Too often, people are stuck in their own world and they don’t take the time to look around and notice other people. They are out there and some of them are hurting and in pain. Talkspace is a company that noticed this and decided to do something about it. They wanted to step up and help out the people that looked lonely, a little lost, and confused. They wanted to be able to help them out, support them, and show them that people really do care. It is not just a dog-eat-dog world out there.

Talkspace was created because they wanted people in pain and suffering to know they were not alone and they could get the help they needed and they had people that truly, honestly cared about them. They would not be doing this if they did not care about the well being of others and making sure they had the proper therapy treatment. They show they care with their actions and their words. They walk the walk and they talk the talk. They know people might have some trust issues in these situations and they want to put their minds at ease.

They want them to know they are going to get the best treatment possible because they are worth it, they deserve it, and they are special human beings. With Talkspace, people start to believe in themselves again and they start to see what life can be like for them when they start to have positive reinforcement. Everyone has a story and everyone comes from an interesting background. It has shaped them into who they are and now they are going to grow from it and learn.