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Oncotarget, a Leading Cancer Peer Review Journal

Cancer is dreaded by everyone in the world. The disease is considered to be among the deadliest the world has ever seen. Some recent statistics have shown that the number of cancer detection cases will escalate up-to 16,688,780 by the end of 2017. The number deaths the disease causes every year is also expected to go up. To mitigate these worrying cases of cancer, it is important for sensitization to begin immediately. Oncotarget talks about cancer awareness and tries to find out some additional and improved ways of curbing the disease. Without a reasonable doubt, there is no any other review journal that can outdo what Oncotarget has done in regards to demystification.

More about Oncotarget

Launched in 2010, this global peer review journal centers its attention on all cancers’ pathological basis. Impact Journal publishes Oncotarget and follows the guidelines set by the Committee on Publication Ethics. The committee is comprised of top publishers and editors and is responsible for ensuring that every publication in peer review journals is in line with the ethics of publication. The Committee on Publication Ethics advices editors and publishers on some of the best ways to handle publication and research misconduct cases.

In the last few years, Oncotarget’s popularity has gone up. This can be attributed to its beneficial and insightful reviews that help researchers to better their research on cancer. Oncotarget familiarizes researchers with treatment procedures, protocols, and potential targets. More importantly, it makes the management process easier for cancer patients. Thanks to Oncotarget, people learn more about the latest cancer therapies.

Besides Oncology, Oncotarget welcomes papers on different subjects including Pharmacology, Cardiology, Cell Biology, and Neuroscience. Its editorial team consists of popular editors including Board Carlo, the Cancer Research editor in chief, and a Nobel Prize winner, Andrew Schally. Since joining the team, Andrew Schally has had more than 10 of his papers published in the journal. Since the journal was launched, 4 of its most active members have won the Breakthrough Prize. These members include Stephen J. Elledge, Varshavsky Alexander, Hall N. Michael, and Bert Vogelstein. The Breakthrough Prize is one of the most honorable prizes and more