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Let Securus Technologies Make Your Job Easier

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas since 1986, Securus Technologies provides the latest criminal justice technology to make incarceration employees’ workload easier. Inmate cell phone monitoring, video calling, emergency response, parolee tracking, and biometric analysis highlight some of the technology officers, management, and staff can access. If something is amiss, the technology acts quickly with the person operating it to diffuse the situation before it escalates. The miraculous innovations reach over 2,500 facilities in America, Canada, and Mexico as of this year. The reputation surrounding the technology’s pinpoint accuracy has grown past correctional prisons and jails to include an additional 1,000 law enforcement and public safety establishments across North America.


Securus’ unique brand has affected thousands of lives. This technology has assisted officers in investigations leading to criminal charges and lawyers in building court cases using our technology as evidence. Countless facilities, employees, officers, and families thank us for preventing crime, stopping crime, and arresting criminals while praising our continued dedication to prison technology. We take pride in reading these letters, and it only fuels our fire more to become a beacon for participating criminal and civil justice facilities. Our growth increased the need for expansion, so we opened two additional Texas offices located in Carrollton and Allen along with a fourth in Atlanta, Georgia.


In closing, Securus Technologies aims to become a safer place inside correctional facilities and out. Our top-notch, updated technology informs management and staff that it’s okay to focus on additional errands while we keep an eye out for wrongdoing. Guarding prisons are a tough job. Let Securus make your job easier.


A Kindhearted, People Driven Company

Securus Technologies is a communications company that puts its customers’ needs above monetary attainment. When patrons were dealing with a flood crisis in the state of Louisiana Securus decided that the best course of action was to face the disaster by opening their hearts and granting free calling privileges to residents of the state. The main issue with communication that the people of Louisiana are facing is remaining in contact with loved ones who are currently incarcerated in the United States prison system. Watch more on


Securus Technologies is an interesting company as it tries to develop and produce products that fill the niche of the inmate and his or her family. Communication is difficult to sustain in prison, with the normative methods being in-person visitation on a near regular basis. Visitation requires driving time for family members, wait times in order to meet with their incarcerated loved one and the cold reality that meetings take place in monitored rooms behind glass dividers. Securus provides a mobile application that cuts out all of these awkward components and allows inmates to meet their family members face to face through high quality video calling technology. These mobile applications are free to download, but may incur some calling fees, and are supported on all Android and Apple devices.


Granting Louisianans the ability to make free calls using their application not only increases the customer satisfaction levels of Securus Technologies but also makes their products more viable. Not only are they at a great value but they are also producing a rapport with their clients that ushers in a feeling of compassion in times of need, a concept that other companies might want to consider themselves.