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There’s Optimism About The Pride Of Israel With Adam Milstein

The Israeli-American Council is an organization that works to give Israeli-Americans a voice not only in the US political conversation but also in being able to connect with the nation of Israel itself even while they’re thousands of miles away. The chairman of this organization is Adam Milstein who has been working over the last 30 years to use philanthropy as a bridge for connecting Israelis back to the homeland’s people and culture. Every year the IAC holds conferences of discussions on Jewish issues, and this last year’s conference was especially well received by attendees.

Adam Milstein noticed that many young people at the conference were excited about sharing their knowledge of Israel and even expressed their desire to travel there. They also were happy to hear different viewpoints ranging from the left liberal side to more conservative stances. But Milstein believes more people than ever support Israel and look to it as the source of Judaism and unification for the American communities. Milstein says this will be important as Jewish-Americans face future challenges and look to hold onto their national pride.

Adam Milstein helped establish the IAC in 2007, and before that he completed both his educational training and built a big real estate company known as Hager Pacific Properties. He lived in Israel during his childhood and even fought in the Israeli Defense Forces during the 1973 offensive in the Yom Kippur War. Milstein married Gila Elgrably and has had three daughters with her, and the eldest two were born while they still lived in Israel and the youngest came after they moved to the US. He went into real estate investing in part because he had a background in construction, and also because he liked the risk-taking factors it involved.

Adam Milstein makes philanthropy the most important part of his life and doesn’t just write checks to the groups he supports but actually goes out and assists them in the field. He’s also an author at several Jewish media groups including the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the Jerusalem Post, the HuffPost and Times of Israel. He has been listed in a top 50 list in the Jerusalem Post as one of the most influential Jews in the world.

Michel Terpins is a Revered Rally Driver who doubles as a Role Model.

All too often, rally drivers entertain us with their remarkable racing skills. Of course, behind the curtains of the major racing event are people who aspire to be rally drivers. So for such people, it is always critical to identify a potential rally driver who is not only successful but also focused on excelling in future endeavors. One such person is Michel Terpins. Terpins is known in Brazil’s racing fraternity. As a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, he has achieved tremendous success for a 40-year-old man.

A Look into Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is Jack Terpin’s son. Jack is a former basketball player whose achievements as a player earned him recognition in many ways. He even had the chance to work with the team as a team leader. His roles encompassed overseeing the entire operation of the team. Most fundamentally, Mr. Jack Terpins invested in acquiring the right resources to empower his players. It would be correct to say that Michel Terpins, having grown up next to his father, developed a particular passion for sports at that moment.


As a dedicated member of the Sertoes Rally Team, Michel Terpins has always lynched the first position in rally racing. Just recently, he had the opportunity to participate in the 25th segment of the Sertoes Rally. With his partner Maykel Justo, the duo perfected their art and landed in the first five positions.


In a race that had three stages, Michel Terpins won two of the stages. Even the technical experiences could not deter him from winning. Moreover, Terpins has been racing since 2002. This translates to the vast skills he has as a rally driver. With about one decade of experience, he has worked with Rodrigo Terpins, his brother. Together, they founded Sertoes Rally Championship.


The past few years have seen Michel Terpins contributing to mentorship programs in Brazil’s racing platform. Having participated in several tournaments, he is well versed with the requirements of making it in the industry. Therefore, he is a role model to many who aspire to join the racing industry. Terpins’ career continues to grow following his vast experience.