Southridge Capital is a financial company which has been working together with an executive team for over two decades now. It works with the principle of helping in gradual growth and display of a financial plan and works on the idea without fail. The overall director and chief of the company is Stephen Hicks.

The company has helped many entrepreneurs to relish their potential to the brim by exploiting their financial capacities for complete fulfilment. For this reason, Southridge has over the years invested a lot of capital to ensure companies in different countries worldwide have been elevated to separate and independent financial position.

Also, the company is specialized in providing services in various financial sectors which are crucial for a company to grow. Some of these areas include; project outlay, operations in a given company, economic analysis, and statements. Through these services, the companies stature’s are assisted in their maintenance. It makes it easier for a company to be aware of the projects to take as they will bring in gains hence improve the profits of the companies.

Moreover, the company greatly assists in creating balance sheets for various companies. This becomes of significant impact as it vividly shows or gives access to the companies on the ways to use to yield more gains. This offer also ensures that the company is capable of balancing between the expenditures, increases, and debts available. As a result, a company gets to know which investment to undertake, the one to discard and the things to do to improve the benefits and reduce the debts and loses. For more details you can visit

Southridge Capital is a respected financial company as it aids companies financially using a variety of strategies that are not common but would bring definite results and desired outcome. This is facilitated by the great team working in the company who provide services in areas such as security of a company, the debt reduction and other solutions among other areas. The company comes in practically by analyzing the problems available and working to provide solutions. They work hand in hand with the creditors to work on ways to reduce debts as this makes a company fragile. They also analyze the present investments available together with the company’s properties to gauge the vulnerability of it. Therefore, Southridge Capital works tirelessly and puts in a lot of efforts to ensure the financial growth robust growth of companies.

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The RealReal: High End Luxury Fashion Resale

“The RealReal is a seven-year-old high-end resale shop that continues to expand its brand and target market. What began as a site solely focused on the resale of luxury women’s fashion has now expanded into selling jewelry, menswear, and even home décor. Additionally, an actually brick and mortar store has been added in New York City. In a time where so many segments of the market are paring down their actual storefront operations, The RealReal is reportedly considering the launch of more stores as well.

The posh resale shop operates under a consignment style of sales where the seller ships goods to the company and when they are sold receives a percentage of the profit. Item quality is well inspected and the company even employs an “in-house authentication team” to ensure that the pieces being sold are genuine. Of course, even the best assessors are occasionally fooled by an incredibly well-made knock-off piece, but the team at The RealReal strives to make the chances of such things very slim.

There seems to be a growing market for online high-end luxury fashion. Other sites currently selling luxury brands include Poshmark, Tradesy, and Thread Up, which just recently added a luxury aspect to their resale lines. While this type of designer resale was once not considered to be well-received by the original designers, this type of attitude has shifted. In fact, designers are now known to collaborate with some of these sites and encourage the sale of their items in this way. The reason behind this is that they have discovered that the sellers of these resale items are often making room in their closets for new purchases from the very same designer. It’s actually a win-win with a wider-spread brand promotion in conjunction with securing a new sale.

While there has been plenty of discussion as to whether The RealReal will be launching a public IPO, it has recently secured a significant financial boost through private funding. Speculation that the brand intends to expand before launching is rampant; however, there have been no such confirmations by CEO Julie Wainwright.”

The Academy of Art University Takes Another Win at The Oscars

The Academy Awards, also known as The Oscars, is the epitome of motion-picture success. Some of highest rated films fall under this specific category, and the best films will surely get a nomination to potentially win the big one. The 2018 Oscars was no different from the previous versions as the top films were presented with the golden statue. The Academy of Art University has once again displayed its legitimacy by winning the Best Animated Feature Film. This film just so happened to be for the Disney-Pixar hit “Cocoa.” This particular film is about a boy who set-out on a quest to become a musician while trying to figure-out his family’s hidden secrets.

“Cocoa” was released in theaters last year. The film has some of the coolest visual-effects, and the film’s music perfectly matched its Mexican heritage. There was extensive amounts of research that went into the project such as the Mexican celebration El Dia de los Muertos. People of Mexican decent, or people from general Hispanic culture will certainly appreciate the implementation of this attribute. Resonating with the viewers is what any movie should be doing in the first place. “Cocoa” beat-out two other animated films, which includes “The Breadwinner” and “Loving Vincent.” Daniel Arriaga, former-graduate of the Academy of Art University, is the actual senior director at Pixar. This film actually displayed his Mexican heritage as well as displayed his passion for animation.

The Academy of Art University is a class-act, and it has made its presence felt at numerous awards shows. The school was founded in 1929 by Richard Stephens. As of today, the Academy of Art University has well-over 12,000 students as well as more than 283 teachers.

This phenomenal institution has a long list of talented graduates such as Actress Raven Symone, Film Director Vicky Jenson, Actress Heidi Montag and others. It provides an abundance of courses, an abundance of degrees and an abundance of influence in today’s entertainment field.


Malcolm CasSelle Executes Global Transactions With Blockchain WAX Tokens

Malcolm CasSelle is a successful entrepreneur and businessman that are pioneering the efforts to streamline the blockchain with technological advancement that create opportunities to simplify and safely transfer virtual online assets and execute global transactions over the blockchain with WAX tokens. Wax tokens were created by OPSkins a global technology advancement company where Malcolm CasSelle serves as Chief Investment Officer.

Malcolm CasSelle serves as Chief Executive Officer and president of (WAX) World Asset Exchange where he provides extremely efficient and effective corporate governance over the organization and provides intellectual expertise within computer science technology that is creating opportunities for superior developments within online asset transfer technology. Malcolm CasSelle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received his Bachelors of Computer Science degree and furthered his education at Stanford University where he received his Master’s in Computer Science. Malcolm has developed a reputation as one of the pioneers in the development and advancement of online virtual asset platforms that are creating opportunities for the strategic development and efficient construction of the blockchain. The blockchain is utilized to transfer cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and various other crypto assets over geographical and continental borders without stringent regulations and guidelines imposed by the Central Banking institutions. Malcolm CasSelle continues to provide revolutionary opportunities for the advancement of the blockchain with the development of WAX tokens within World Asset Exchange. In fact, World Asset Exchange utilizes WAX tokens as vehicles that established the basic value that various cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments can use to eliminate fragmentation with the transfer of assets over the blockchain. Issues concerning Forex or foreign exchange currencies and the volatility of these prices changes create problems for individuals seeking to make immediate transfers of value over different global countries. By establishing a base value with the WAX tokens individuals are able to transfer online asset value without the fragmentation problems in a safe and simple way. Malcolm CasSelle is executing global transactions simply and easily by providing regular individuals an opportunity to capitalize on the blockchain with the advent of WAX tokens that can be utilized to exchange cryptocurrencies and other online virtual assets.


An Ultimate Guide to Financial Planning by Richard Dwayne Blair

According to many consumers, money is like smoke; it touches their hands and disappears without trace or account. It’s in our digital age that an employee gets salary and within the next 24 hours, they have nothing to cater for the next month. The underlying danger is that they will never invest in anything and they will retire poor which should not be the case. Some of these people have not cut the coat according to their size; they live more luxurious life than their salaries can accommodate. And that’s why every time they are under the pressure of bills and mortgages. If only they can learn the 3 pillars that will enhance their financial planning, then they can be free from the snare.

According to Richard Dwayne Blair who is an Investment Advisor at Wealth Solutions, every consumer needs a financial roadmap and plan to enable them to navigate through the path of financial life to a bright future. With his 3 approaches, he has helped his clients develop an implementable and holistic financial plan which guarantees them a stable current and future financial state when they enter the retirement age bracket.

The first approach of Richard Dwayne Blair in setting his clients free from the financial yoke is the determination of their roadmap. He determines the financial route by analyzing the needs, goals, strengths, opportunities, and level of risk tolerance of his clients. This enables him to build clear goals and expectations. In his 2nd approach, he embarks on developing an investment strategy, mostly a long-term one, which is based on the financial route that he had drawn in the first pillar. This is where he restructures asset allocation of the clients while avoiding market risks.

After enhancing the first and second pillar, the third approach is catering for the insurance needs to curb any future contingencies and storms. With the 3 pillars, a consumer will not be wretched when his retirement comes. The background of teachers helped Richard Dwayne Blair develop some interest in educating his community and upcoming business owners on financial planning. This led him to come up with Wealth Solutions firm in 1994 and since then he has helped many people avoid the common financial pitfalls.

Dr. Dov Rand, Hormone and Weight Loss Expert and President of Healthy Aging Medical Centers

Dr. Dov Rand is a founding member as well as the president of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, an organization based out of West Orange, New Jersey that focuses on combating the effects of aging using regenerative medicine and other therapies. In his treatment of patients. Dr. Dov Rand focuses on personalizing his treatment to the individual and the issues they are going through, and the protocols of his treatment are based on scientific research that has been thoroughly peer-reviewed. Dr. Dov Rand earned his MD at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, is certified in Anti-Aging Medicine by the Antiaging Medical Board, and is a fellow at A4M.

One of Dr. Dov Rand’s major forms of treatment for his patients is his IV Nutrient Therapy, which focuses on treating the whole patient and integrates his or her dietary and exercise habits. As a part of this treatment, patients are offered an opportunity to undergo blood work and genetic testing to help figure out what the underlying cause of their health issues might be. As the name “Nutrient Therapy” suggests, the main part of this treatment is the administration of specific vitamins to patients via IV in order to support their nutritional needs.

One of Dr. Dov Rand’s specialties is hormone therapy, which he practices at Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Hormone replacement is a major part of the therapy that is used at Healthy Aging Medical Center. Some of the issues that Dr. Dov Rands focuses on treating are menopause-related issues, such as fatigue, hot flashes, depression, anxiety, insomnia, low libido, and night sweats. He also cares for patients who are experiencing traumatic brain disorders or other trauma-related disorders, and those who are experiencing terminal illness.

Another one of Dr. Dov Rand’s specialties is weight loss. He and his colleagues analyze the needs of each specific patient, and many have been administered the HCG program, a hormone-based diet that takes advantage of the body’s natural inclinations to help patients lose weight ( It’s not a miracle diet, but it does help reset the metabolism of patients, and during the diet, patients are able to relearn healthy eating habits.


Jorge Moll Stuns Peers in the Latest Neuroscience Experiments

Jorge Moll is an experienced neuroscientist with unrelenting effort to see that patients are provided with a reprieve through evidence-based research, particularly in the field of neuroscience. He is the Director and President of D’Or Institute of Research and Education based in Rio. He also heads a host of other science-based bodies. Jorge Moll has conducted several types of research involving humans and animals. In one of the recent research studies that involved volunteers, Dr. Moll and Dr. Grafman discovered that the human tendency to put the interest of others before that of their own was as natural as the urge for sex and food. The two neuroscientists have also set out to establish whether the human brain is naturally wired to respond to a moral code. The neuroscientists are trying to use neuroimaging techniques to establish that fact. They, however, admit that they have not yet established whether animals such as giraffes, zebras, and lions also experience what they call moral qualms the way human beings do. However, it has been demonstrated that there are times when animals sacrifice their interests for the sake of other animals. In an experiment, it was observed that a rat that was fed and then its neighbor given an electric shock would eventually forego eating to spare the pain its neighbor was undergoing.


Implications of Researches by Neuroscientists including Dr. Jorge Moll

From the behavior of the rats, it can be deduced that morality has a biological link. The reward center is a clear example in Grafman’s experiment. Further evidence suggests that empathy is the basic foundation of morality. The evolution of social behavior was strongly influenced by the ability to experience what the other person is going through. According to Dr. Jean Decety, many human notions of right and wrong are influenced by the phenomenon.


Academic Path, Career, and his achievements, Accolades, and Awards

It is hard to ignore what Dr. Jorge Moll has accomplished in the world of medicine and neuroscience. It is because of his efforts in neuroscience research that he has earned a place in the minds of accomplished scholars. Dr. Moll is a graduate of medicine from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He undertook his residence at the same institution before he specialized in neurology. Dr. Moll pursued his Ph.D. in Pathophysiotherapy at Sao Paulo University.



OSI Group is in the Lead

OSI Group is a privately owned company that specializes in distributing quality meat, and other products, around the world. In 1909, OSI Group, or Otto & Sons at that time, was founded by Otto Kolschowsky. The Kolschowsky’s were running this business as a family-owned butcher shop in Chicago.

From there, the company began to partner and expand their business. America has called OSI Group one of the top 100 Food companies. As of 2016, OSI Group was number 58 on the Forbes list of largest privately owned companies.

This company has worked hard to not only meet the needs of Americans but also businesses overseas. OSI Group has successful plants in places like Europe, Spain, Germany, China, and other countries. OSI Group has worked hard over the years to deliver greatness to not only their customers but their employees as well.

A number of employees had outstanding things to say about their experience while working for OSI. They mentioned that this company has some strong leaders in which will help the company expand even more. Despite the long hours put in, some say the learning experience was worth it. Cleanliness and safety in companies such as one like OSI Group are important. In 2016, OSI Group won the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. This honor is awarded to those companies who have demonstrated the commitment to health and safety in the work environment.

“We routinely conduct HACCP, Food Safety, GMP, Animal Welfare and OSI Global Standardization audits, and stay current with new and innovative quality procedures and technologies,” stated on They assure that customers are satisfied, by doing all they can to make sure products are not only tasty but safe.

OSI is a company that started from a butcher shop in Chicago but has now expanded worldwide. This company has been praised for the products distributed as well as the way the company is run. This is a company is the world leader in providing quality products and custom solutions for the food industry.

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How Stansberry Research Helps Investors Navigate The Global Economy

Stansberry Research is a Baltimore, Maryland-based company which helps investors make money by investing their money. They offer both macro-level services and specialized investment research into specific categories of investment opportunities. They offer professional advice about investing in various asset classes including the global stock market, bonds, precious metals, and natural resources among others.

Stansberry Research also offers a wealth of free services which includes a health and wealth bulletin, a podcast, DailyWealth, and The Crux. This last one is an online financial news website which offers up to date information about companies both large and small. One current article is about Jeff Immelt, the former chief executive officer of General Electric, and how he isn’t to blame for the current financial woes of this company despite popular opinion.

At Stansberry Research they strive to give readers and subscribers a range of opinions when it comes to investing and the global economy ( Their highly experienced analysts each have their own unique view of things and investment strategies. There is no one single view of the markets which can encapsulate everything which is why they embrace different viewpoints and opinions.

This company recently posted an article talking about a controversial commodity that that one of their analysts says is poised for enormous growth. The one main thing to know about commodities is that supply and demand drive this industry even more than any other which leads to booms and busts. Getting in at the right time with various natural resources is key which Stansberry Research can help people achieve.

One of the things people need to know about free markets is that whenever things get rather out of balance things will get corrected so that everything is properly priced. When supply falls prices in a certain commodity will rise. The reverse also holds true. This is all taught in Economics 101. What one of their analysts says is that coffee is the natural resource play that investor should be making a play in. It’s dirt cheap at the present time but because of this demand is about to greatly outstrip supply which will make investors in the commodity very happy.


NewsWatch TV AMC And ION Network

Newswatch works together with Fortune 500 companies as well as independent app developers. Newswatch has helped all the small size companies, as well as organizations, achieve success. Newswatch helps companies go viral with the scope of one-minute promotional segments. Also, as an example, a company named Avanca created a crowdfunding campaign with $10,000 set as a goal to raise over a three day period. The Avanca Indiegogo campaign was successful at raising $456, 551 which achieved 2,939% of their goal, far more than they had originally set out to achieve. Companies that work with Newswatch feel good that they managed to do so.

Those companies often recommend working with Newswatch as part of their testimonials. For example, Newswatch promotes advances in consumer technology such as a Surge Guard 34930 that protects RVs from power surges when they are plugged in. NewsWatch also markets an IOS app called Pal that connects you to the people around you who share the same interests as you post an activity where others are invited to join. Pal sets accurate preferences while controlling who wants to hang out with you because of filers. If you are looking to expand your social circle, you can download it from the app/Google Playstore.

Newswatch features both editorial and paid segments as well as medical and health technological breakthroughs. Fortune 500 technology companies include Sony, Siemans, and Audi but Tech Report has also featured other nationally recognized brands such as Outback Steakhouse or D-link. App Watch is a segment that focuses on new applications for iOS devices. Newswatch can be found on Youtube, as well as other social networks.

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