IDLife Enhancing Lives

IDLife was founded in 2014 by Logan Stout as a network marketing company that helps individuals achieve their health and wellness goals. The company has specialized products for each as they understand that every person has different goals and nutritional needs. A new member is required to complete a confidential questionnaire that will give the nutritionist an idea of what products to prescribe. Unlike other products available in the market, IDLife products cannot be shared by individuals as each person has unique products. The name is meant to show what the company is all about, individually designed life. IDLife aim is to give individuals great products and programs that help them achieve their goals.

The products

Depending on the client’s need, IDLife has several products to satisfy those needs. For individuals who are keen on losing weight, there are the IDLife Shake, IDLife Nutrition, and IDLife Appetite Control to assist with that. The shake is a protein shake to help in weight loss, joint mobility, muscle strength, and recovery. Appetite control helps with those hunger cravings so to control food intake. Lastly, the nutrition is a customized formula depending with the filled questionnaire. IDLife also has supplements to help with sleep and energy shot to boost a person’s energy without adding unnecessary calories to the body. IDLife Skin Care is an anti-aging product that makes the skin to look younger and healthier. Kids are not left behind since the company has IDLife Kids that is meant to ensure children grow up full of health.


To enhance their services, IDLife partnered with Garmin, a technology company that specializes in devices that improve fit lifestyle. It manufactures trackers that monitor a person’s nutrition and activities. IDLife partnership was to make their customers’ work easier as with the tracker you concentrate on working out and living healthy and not filling in data. The Vivo trackers focus on many things like heart rate, and distance traveled and many other features that lack in other ordinary trackers. IDLife keeps thinking of new ways to make wellness journey of their clients simple and amazing. The top management has every person’s interest at heart no wonder the success experienced at the company.

Makes Changes

Nexbank is a community bank based in Dallas. Over the years, Nexbank has provided great service to local customers. Many people like the options that online banks provide. Not only is this a convenient way to manage finances, but it is also a way to make investments for the future.

However, many people also enjoy the customer service and convenience that a local bank provides. This is where a bank like Nexbank comes in. This is a bank that has both technology and customer service to help customers in the local area.


Nexbank is making several changes that were recently announced. The company is going to start investing more time and money into online platforms for people who want those options. Over the years, more customers have asked for better online options when it comes to banking and tracking their spending.

Many people are interested in learning how much money they are spending on various areas of their life. The technology from Nexbank is a great way to do that. Not only will this improve sales for the company, but it will improve the overall level of customer service as well. Working with Nexbank is a great experience for the vast majority of customers in Dallas.


Karl Heideck Explains Why Judges Wont Halt The Implementation Of Philadelphia Salary Law

At the beginning of this year, different labor rights advocates and activists gained a profound appreciation to celebrate the new salary law. When the current governor of Philadelphia, signed the bill into law, the state became the first in the United States to prevent recruiters from seeking for previous salary histories.

As with the common folk, the changes in law were not an easy sailing. And just weeks after the governor appended his signature to the law, Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia moved to court to prevent its implementation. The litigant argued that the law is inconsistent with the Constitution and therefore should be rendered null and void.

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As various societies would observe, the law makers structured the bill to help deal with a huge wage gap between male and females despite them having same qualifications. In the rules, the employers were barred from:

• Directly seeking for the employee salary history as a prerequisite to award or deny the job.

• Using salary data in any way without an explicit authority to do so, currently, only the employee can give such access.

• Retaliating, or initiating disciplinary proceedings for those candidates who fail to disclose their previous earnings.

According to, most observers in this country believe that this law will have far reaching consequences for various firms in the market. Employers who have their headquarters outside this County will be in a dilemma on how to implement the same structure payment. In this regard, companies with such quality should engage the law makers on the need to amend some clauses of the law.

Naturally and as expected, the new statute became the center of disputes even before the law is implemented. Most businesspeople feel that the Philadelphia Parliament has been unfair to the business community. The group argues that the amendments presented in the document are under assault. The party claims that no other party will be in a position to amend for the future of this nation. And two months before the anticipated day for the bill to turn to law, the legality of the document and consistency to the constitution was filed.

Karl Heideck is a respected and skilled attorney in Philadelphia. He works in various law firm around the state. He studied in Swarthmore University and Temple University. He has 10 years experience in being a litigation attorney.

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The Richard Mishaan Design Approach to Interior Design

Richard Mishaan is one of the premier interior designers working out of New York City. Born in Cartagena, Colombia Richard Mishaan was quick to travel the world. He was raised partly in Colombia and partly in Italy and the upbringing allowed the man to see different styles and designs early on in life. In 1978 Richard Mishaan Design opened their doors in New York City. Mishaan took time to study at both New York University as well as the Columbia University School of Architecture. His education and upbringing has made Richard Mishaan Design one of the most innovative design firms in the city.

The focus of a Richard Mishaan Design room is never on Richard Mishaan himself. Despite being a charismatic and unique individual, Mishaan knows that the focus should always be on the owner of the home. You never walk into a Richard Mishaan Design room and exclaim, “Wow, what a great Mishaan design.” Instead, you think: “This room fits the owner perfectly.” Even still, Mishaan has already solidified a unique style that savvy design fans will be able to spot at a glance. Let’s dig into what makes a Mishaan project so interesting.

Richard Mishaan Design focuses on modern excellence while still maintaining just a bit of minimalism. Despite these relatively modern terms, Mishaan is never afraid to showcase his upbringing. Richard Mishaan Design believes in color and layering designs and textures. You can see his work in the famous Cartagena Vacation House or in the Shelburne Hotel as well as the Trump World Towers. Mishaan knows how to create something unique and stylish without ever having to cater to lavishness.

Richard Mishaan believes in putting together high quality rooms with quality pieces. He believes in artwork and luxury but also in understanding that value supersedes everything. You can see his work in his latest published works.

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Executive Desiree (Dez) Perez – The Chief Operating Office of Roc Nation

According to the article release on, the entertainment sector has become an industry where slackers cannot survive. Men are the ones who occupy the top positions. However, talented and hard driving women like Desiree Perez have something to put on the table. It is because of Perez and her peers that the face of music and entertainment industry is currently changing. Des Perez is a member of the inner circle forming part of the shakers and movers of the entertainment industry. Whenever you mentioned people like Shawn Carter, the name of Perez will automatically come up. This is because Desiree has played a critical role in the building of Carter’s empire, which consists of several corporate entities handling concert excursions and music production and more information click here.

Desiree is the secret weapon that Jay-Z relies on when it comes to business decisions involving high pressure and high-level negotiations. This is because Perez shows charisma, no-nonsense attitude, and confidence when it comes to negotiations for business opportunities. The art behind her deals involves sampling of opportunities that can result in substantial returns. She helped Rihanna with the Samsung collaboration deal. The deal made Rihanna an entertainment superstar and outstanding performer and learn more about Dez Perez.

About Desiree (Dez) Perez

Des Perez is the current Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation, a position that made her became a close associate to Shawn Carter. Roc Nation is a full-time service enterprise, working with songwriters, recording artists, and music producers on issues relating to brand building, artist management, music promotions, brand management, and concert productions. As an executive, the responsibility of Desiree Perez is to help Roc Nation collaborate and negotiate with fashion, industry, and technology experts. The idea is to maintain the career of clients and the company’s reputation as well. Desiree Perez is not a pushover when it comes to the entertainment business. She always ensures artists become successful in their career and resume her.

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Let Securus Technologies Make Your Job Easier

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas since 1986, Securus Technologies provides the latest criminal justice technology to make incarceration employees’ workload easier. Inmate cell phone monitoring, video calling, emergency response, parolee tracking, and biometric analysis highlight some of the technology officers, management, and staff can access. If something is amiss, the technology acts quickly with the person operating it to diffuse the situation before it escalates. The miraculous innovations reach over 2,500 facilities in America, Canada, and Mexico as of this year. The reputation surrounding the technology’s pinpoint accuracy has grown past correctional prisons and jails to include an additional 1,000 law enforcement and public safety establishments across North America.


Securus’ unique brand has affected thousands of lives. This technology has assisted officers in investigations leading to criminal charges and lawyers in building court cases using our technology as evidence. Countless facilities, employees, officers, and families thank us for preventing crime, stopping crime, and arresting criminals while praising our continued dedication to prison technology. We take pride in reading these letters, and it only fuels our fire more to become a beacon for participating criminal and civil justice facilities. Our growth increased the need for expansion, so we opened two additional Texas offices located in Carrollton and Allen along with a fourth in Atlanta, Georgia.


In closing, Securus Technologies aims to become a safer place inside correctional facilities and out. Our top-notch, updated technology informs management and staff that it’s okay to focus on additional errands while we keep an eye out for wrongdoing. Guarding prisons are a tough job. Let Securus make your job easier.


IncrediBites – Healthy Alternative For Smaller Dogs

As Beneful continues to provide quality alternatives for dog owners when it comes to healthy and real food, BenefulIncrediBites does not fail to live up to the same standard. This real beef dry dog food is formulated specifically for adult dogs that are small size-wise. It is produced in a way to target the smaller dog’s high metabolism, with addition of calcium that will support their bones and teeth development.

The ingredients within the product are, but not limited to, real beef or chicken, rice and soy flour, sugar, salt, dried vegetables, Vitamin E, Zinc, and many more. Every cup of the product will carry 27 grams of high-quality protein, as well as 23 essential vitamins and minerals within a low-calorie meal. The cost of the product is a little under a dollar per pound, and there are coupons in production that will allow the buyers to utilize a $2 discount on the price of the product regardless of its size.

Therefore, as owners continue to enjoy the proven products of Beneful, it is just a matter of time before their dogs get a chance to try IncrediBites that are custom built for smaller dogs and their development. The high protein and vitamin-rich meal almost seems like an addition that every dog should have in their diet, since their bone and teeth health will benefit from it.


The Elaborate Style of Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan is the leader at Richard Mishaan Design, one of New York’s finest design groups. Richard Mishaan Design has been in business for over 25 years at this point and it seems like each year has been better in some fashion than the last. Of course, you can chalk that up to the hardworking team that Mishaan himself has assembled. But truly, much of the reason for their success goes up to Richard Mishaan himself. Richard Mishaan has brought a revolutionary style to the city of New York and he has been wowing the city’s one percenters ever since Richard Mishaan Design first opened their doors.

The key to what Richard Mishaan does is all in how you interact with the client. Mishaan firmly believes in giving the customer a room that looks like something they themselves would create. You would never want to walk into a Richard Mishaan Design room and KNOW that it was a Mishaan work. Richard Mishaan Design is a chameleon of a designer that focuses on crafting ultra sleek, modern and throwback interiors that give clients exactly what they hoped for — and he does it without kowtowing to convention.

In fact, Richard Mishaan typically dislikes catering to all of the big spending guidelines that have become so popular among his wealthy clients. Mishaan says, “I think it’s really more about having an eye than having a certain amount of money.” He’s not wrong, either. You can take a look at some of his high profile work at the suites inside of the St. Regis or you can traipse down to Bogota to see the famous Cartagena House. No matter what the budget is, Mishaan brings his A-Game in order to wow the crowd and win over his client. All eyes are on Mishaan and that’s how he likes it.

Beneful-Beneficial for all Dogs

Beneful. The Latin root of this word means “well”, so the definition of Beneful is defined of pertaining to, being full of wellness. Beneful dog foods main focus is providing beneficial, wholesome nutrition to dogs. This product is extremely popular, and available all over the country. They are constantly adhering to consumer feedback, those that care about their animals the most. They revise their beneful dog recipe’s often, and provide beneficial consumer information, all over the web, containing detailed information in regards to what is inside their Beneful dog food. Beneficence is the providing of real wellness, kindness, or charity, involving all actions intended to benefit all persons involved. In other words “the greater good”. This is what Beneful provides nationwide to thousands of animals, benefits for all animals and those that take care of these animals. The wellness to know that what is in their dogs food, provides overall health postives to these animals. Being marketed this way Beneful food consists of on the foundation of heath it resembled stew and contained beef pieces and to know more click here

One of their slogans, “Our People, stand behind beneful”, makes sense. It makes sense why a person would stand behind a dog food brand with such a strong support in store and online; being available at Petco, and PetSmart just to name a few. When a person hears a word start with “Ben”, that person will automatically make the association, with goodness. This is what we all think of when it comes to Beneful commercial food. Good, dog food, high quality, and made in a wide variety since 2001, to fit your dogs needs.


A Day at Lifeline Health Screening Company a Sure Way To Prevent Death

The most persistent and widely promulgated medical apothegm is prevention is better than cure. This saying is founded on the premise that most diseases that cause death can be curbed at their earlier stages or can be prevented altogether by vaccines. There has however been a disconnect between prevention measures and societal inclinations toward its need. This state of affair inspired Colin Scully and Timothy Philips in 1993 to begin Life line screening company to avail health screening to adults in the USA.

Lifeline health screening has emerged from inception to be a leading advocate of the need for prevention measures to avert the possible risk of chronic diseases. The company has a far reaching impact on incredible eight million transnational population and has also been a leading research partner and financier. The 2010 research which it conducted is applauded in medical fields for providing correlational data between smoking and various cancers as well as weight and AAA risk.

To achieve positive results the company has employed an amalgam of screening techniques. The employment of blood test to determine the risk of cardiovascular diseases has had top notch benefits in establishing the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases. Also, the company also uses the leading and reputed EKG Testing. The importance of this method is its reliability in testing irregular heartbeats to learn more: click here.

The ultra sound testing procedures have been however commended as the epitome of the company s screening tool. This method has been of great impact to screening efforts as the sounds introduced into the body during screening have accurately enabled medics to detect the presence of carotid and periphery arterial diseases as well aortic aneurysms.

These screening techniques altogether combined have been instrumental in helping individuals at risk come up with diagnostic measures that can help them overcome the future effects of these chronic diseases that also include death. Life line screening has therefore been praised by a record number of these clients enabling it to advance into a global giant with over 1000 employees and an unbelievable over sixteen thousand screening campaigns worldwide.

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