Jose Henrique Borghi, Changing the World of Advertising

Advertising agencies help you develop an advertising campaign that’s right for you or your business. They employ art directors, copywriters and media planners to create your advertising. People use advertising agencies so they don’t have to hassle with the time it takes to create their campaign. A media planner knows which type of media such as newspapers, online, television and radio outlets that will be the most effective. One of the best advertising agency is the Mullen Lowe agency founded by Jose Borghi and more information click here.

Jose Henrique Borghi became interested in advertising when his sister took him to watch a performance. He was frustrated when he started working with other marketing agencies. To help better serve his clients, he decided to create his own. In 2006, his ad agency was merged with Lowe & Partners. So after the agency changed its name to the Mullen Lowe agency. Jose Henrique Borghi has the academic qualifications, as well as the passion for the industry. As the Creative Director of Mullen Lowe Brasil, Jose Henrique Borghi uses his keen business sense and experience to garner results. He has been responsible for handling large campaigns such as: Delta Airlines, Fiat, America Online, American Express, Globo, Asia Motors, Procter & Gamble, Electrolux, Unilver, Coral Paints and many more. Jose Henrique Borghi has also received several outstanding awards from the New York Festival, Cannes Lions, London Festival Awards, The One Show Awards and many more. Has managed to make the list of the most dominant advertisers in the Brazilian advertising agency.

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Impressionable facts about cancer treatment centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is always determined towards offering the best services to its clients and bringing a good state of health to every cancer patient in their medical facility. Through its collaboration with Allscripts and NatHealth, many cancer patients have now improved regarding their state of health due to the various revolutions that the two have brought. Besides, they have made the operations of the clinical operators easier through the advanced services and technology that has now enabled many doctors to access the data of the cancer patients faster and easier.

Besides, Cancer Treatment Centers of America have taken a significant step of allowing the two firms have a clinical access of their services to make all the necessary changes to help heal the patients, particularly those who are not in a critical condition. In addition to that, the clinical cancer pathways offer a number of treatment options to their patients through which they can choose from depending on their most preferred mode of therapy. The treatment ecosystem developed provides safe and efficient treatment services, which give them assurance of a better experience in their process of healing.Besides the modern services that the health firm provides, it also gives care to its patients and offers room for transparency on their feelings about the disease.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is one of the largest organizations in the United States that offers care to cancer patients. The firm entails around five hospitals and provides malnutrition, chemotherapy as well as immunotherapy services to its patients.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has earned various accreditations for their excellent performance over the past years and strived to carry on with their services. The organization boasts its five-star rating from the Medicaid as well as the Medicare services of the united states and it is one of the most amended cancer treatment firms.

Jennifer Walden: A Review of a Pioneering Surgeon

A significant number of people feel embarrassed by their external image, because of either a naturally flat and uneven figure or pregnancy that drastically changes the body. 91% of individuals who seek corrective measures in the form of cosmetic surgery are women, and many of them do not feel comfortable confiding in a male doctor about their troubles. Unfortunately, only 851 out of 8100 cosmetic surgeons in the United States are women and only about a dozen reside in Texas.

One of these trailblazing women is Dr. Jennifer Walden, a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation, face and eyelid lifts and nose jobs. She studied at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, following which she completed a year-long general surgery internship in 1999 and a four-year residency in integrated plastic surgery at the same institute. She later pursued a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York, where she continued to provide amazing service to her customers for a further seven-and-a-half years.

In 2011, Dr. Walden returned to Texas and set up her practice in Austin. One of the unique aspects of her clinic is that the entire staff consists only of females, providing a friendly environment for women who arrive at Dr. Walden’s door. One of the positive reviews for Dr. Jennifer Walden and her team on states that the client has absolutely loved the office and would recommend it.

One of the other reasons Dr. Walden has received glowing reviews of her work from her more than satisfied patients is that she is empathetic to their worries, especially since she went through a twin pregnancy that changed her figure. In these reviews, when asked why she does what she does, Dr. Jennifer Walden said, “I operate on a human being and provide immediate, positive, external results… And it is fulfilling to do that.” Therefore her skills and position as a rare female plastic surgeon instill confidence in her mostly female clientele, and the inner satisfaction she draws from transforming people’s outlook keeps her going. Her success can definitely be noticeable, even in her professional reviews.


Jason Hope: Revolutionizing Technology with the Internet of Things

Technology has come a long way, and it has numerous investment opportunities. With the right skills, investing in technology is a sure bet. One such person who has taken advantage of opportunities in the tech sector is Jason Hope. Mr. Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist and an investor mainly in the tech sector who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mr. Hope is a graduate of the Arizona State University with a Finance degree. He also has an MBA from the same university’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Mr. Jason is a well endowed personality who is generous and passionate about giving back to society. He also has interests in politics about business both in the state of Arizona and nationally. He has provided a lot of support to humanitarian organizations in their quest to improve the future of mankind. Jason is also involved in the development of future technologies that aimed at reducing the effects of aging to enable people to live longer and healthier lives.

He currently has numerous entrepreneurial interests in information and technology. He is in the forefront in making Internet of Things (IoT) a reality. IoT is a technology that enables devices and other objects to connect to the internet to collect, transmit as well as store data. For a device or object to be considered part of the IoT, it must possess the ability to connect to the internet to learn more: click here.

With other tech savvy entrepreneurs such as Ellon Musk and Jeff Bezos, Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things can play a great role in the eradication of poverty, dealing with government failures and inequality across the world. IoT also helps people to rapidly share information. For example, with a mobile phone, a person in any part of the world can take online free courses from any university and the knowledge gained can help that person find a job which will essentially push them and their families above the poverty line. The technology is also greatly changing the way business is done.

Lacey and Larkin Role in Supporting Organizations that Advocate for Human, Civil, and Migrants Rights

Global Rights is a multinational human rights advocacy organization that promotes and protects the rights of the marginalized members of society. It does so by focusing on capacity building. The organization was founded in 1978 in Washington DC and was going by the name of International Human Rights Law Group before it was changed to Global Rights.

Lacey & Larkin’s Global Rights headquarters were devolved to Burundi and Nigeria in December 2014, and the organization has maintained the two offices in Africa up to date. Global Rights works with the local African activists to protect and promote the rights of all the marginalized community members in the region.

The organization provides training and technical assistance to enable the local partners to record and expose any case of human rights abuse and to conduct outreach and community mobilization, and advocate for policy and legal reforms.

Global Rights gives a voice to the grassroots organizations and activists and betters their capacity in solving human rights inequalities or violations by forwarding their grievances to the regional and international establishments that deal with Humanitarian rights like the United Nations.

Global Rights integrates the human rights policies with the processes for Business Enterprises through creation of policy statements, in relation to a company’s activities in a way that shows commitment to responsible business practices.

Global rights does due diligence to make sure that business operations are in compliance with international standards and regulations such as the International Labour Organization.

It also designs an internal grievance mechanism to assist businesses whenever such issues arise with the help of a human rights policy statements template, internal grievance mechanism template and due diligence questionnaires for the beneficiaries.

Global Rights partners with civil society organizations to monitor and document all cases of human rights violations. It also designs advocacy strategies with the government of various countries and the management of companies.

Their main goal is to sensitize the community on their civil and human rights and to improve their skills and knowledge of the same. This allows the community members to make rational decisions in future that are not violating human and civil rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

All marginalized communities have a challenge of understanding and standing up for their own legal rights especially when there is need to involve legal institutions. Equality when it comes to accessing justice is a matter of concern and there is need to sensitize the communities of the same so that they can make use of the existing legal structures. Global Rights, therefore, is more interested in the challenges vulnerable communities face.

They aid the poor to find legal systems and increase the government accountability to the existing legislations that protect their rights. Global Rights challenges the ongoing injustice and support the grassroots activists to help them fulfill the human rights by working hand in hand with individuals groups.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey dedicated their settlement money of $3.75 million from their arrest into Frontera funds to support organizations that advocate for the rights of immigrants in Arizona. The two received the settlement money following their arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio on 18th October in 2007 and were later released following a public outcry. They went ahead to file a case and when they won, the two dedicated the settlement money to support the Hispanic community in what we can refer to as a noble gesture.

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Avaaz: An organization Reaching out to the world

There are many activist groups and organizations that focus specifically on one issue. There is nothing wrong with that because 100% concentration on a certain issue can get the job done in a fraction of the time – as opposed to spreading one’s concentration in many areas.

However, Avaaz has been doing a stellar job in being able to help as many people who are suffering or are in need. And this speaks volumes about the leader and the organization. So if you are unaware of what Avaaz is, let us inform you a bit about what the organization is all about.

Avaaz was first founded by a man named Ricken Patel, who is a Canadian/ British man. As a young child he was always picked on and mistreated and as a result of this, from his own words, “he always understood the people who suffer.”

This truly speaks volume about the man and his character because it takes great strength to turn a negative situation and turn it into a force of positivity. Thanks to his bold actions on helping as many people as he can and really trying to change the world for the better he has been ranked as one of “the global leader of the online protest.”

The organization tackles many issues which include human trafficking, animal rights, poverty, governmental corruption, human rights, climate changes, and ongoing conflicts. The organization is truly a superpower in the realm of activism and is really making a difference for many people around the world.

Changing the world for the better because of negative events happening to you in the past is truly a power and a virtue that we must all cultivate.

The Travels of a Former Harvard Writer: Meet Eric Pulier

Who is Eric Pulier?

Some may know him as an author, others may know him from various philanthropist efforts. For those that aren’t aware of the achievements of Eric Pulier, the story begins at Harvard. This is where Pulier began exercising writing chops, contributing text regularly to the Harvard Crimson. Pulier wrote for the Harvard Crimson.

In 1991, Pulier founded a tech company in healthcare and education

After which, Pulier went on to found Digital Evolution, an interactive agency. This experience in a technology company proved to be so successful that it later merged with US Interactive.

This was just the start of Pulier’s fascination with consumer interactive technology, leading to a foray into fifteen more companies. Pulier has participated as a founder or co-founder in all fifteen ventures, for those that he didn’t help found, he personally funded. A few of these companies are SOA Software, Desktone and US Media Interactive LLC.

Raising funds is an activity that Pulier is passionate about, commonly recognized among industry peers as a leading visionary. Pulier has formed and developed fund-raising efforts, which have paid off handsomely, Pulier is also known for generating revenue through fundraising efforts.

Pulier has also traveled down political roads with government programs taking note of Pulier’s achievements. The Presidential Inaugural Committee selected Pulier from a field of applicants, creating and designing a tribute to technology, on display in Washington D.C. This exhibit has a name, it is “The Bridge to the 21st Century.

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Success Academy Schools: One of the Best Performing Institutions in the U.S.

Success Academy Charter Schools is one top public learning institutions in the United States. These groups of schools were established in 2006, and their main offices are in New York City. These schools admit various groups of students, including those with special needs like slow learners.


About Success Academy Schools


This institution operates 46 schools that cater for more than 15,500 students. This school admits students once per year mostly around the month of April. Success Academy Charter Schools serve students from low-income homes in the areas of Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan. This facility is authorized by the State University of New York’s Charter School Institute to conduct its operations in the city of New York. About 93 percent of children from low-income families have benefited from these schools. CEO Eva Moskowitz runs Success Academy. She established these schools more than a decade ago with the aim of helping children realize their dream.


The Success Academy Schools launches an online portal


In a recent press release, Eva Moskowitz revealed that a new online learning platform had been launched with the aim of expanding academic networks across the United States. According to Eva, this new portal would be available for teachers so that they can access the school’s curriculum. This charter schools also won the $250,000 board prize for excelling in closing the gap between low-income students and academics. This latest achievement is in line with the Success Academy’s goal of sharing lessons with the larger community. Among the individuals involved in the launch of this online platform are more than 15,000 teachers who are meant to attend workshops to familiarize themselves with the new curriculum. About 76 percent of the students come from low-income families, and 93 percent belong to the Hispanic and African-American communities. Most of the subjects taught are mainly sciences, languages, and humanities.

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AviWeisfogel’s Dental Solutions and Treatment Models

Research by the Dental Sleep Masters has identified that sleep apnea causes stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Unfortunately, not much has been done to provide proper diagnosis. Other related ailments include work injuries, anxiety, depression and road fatalities resulting from accidents. The Dental Sleep Masters (DSM) have stepped in to set up a program to enable secondary care physicians, sleep physicians, dentists, sleep lab operators, and the patients themselves to detect these conditions early. The firm has tested, vetted and approved their model, which now assures patients up to 90% accuracy in diagnosis treatment.

Dentists from all over the country have joined the DSM team. The training and improvement sessions have enabled new dentists to treat patients more effectively. High and intense treatment education combined with clinical support through innovative approaches allows for the transformation as envisioned by Dr. AviWeisfogel, to be realized. The program by Dental Sleep Masters has seen this model become not unique but also a coaching platform. It welcomes anybody interested in learning more, especially about the dental aspects treatments.

AviWeisfogel’s career and dental medical history

AviWeisfogel is a certified dentist at the Old Bridge Dental Care hospital in New Jersey. His education history and medical successful experiences are rich enough to make him a leader in this field. He received his university degree from the New York University College, school of Dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel has had a long professional experience and specializes in cosmetic dentistry solution.

Dr. Avi has worked in East Brunswick, New Jersey for the more than 16 years. Other areas of his concern are cosmetic dentistry, dental fears, dental implants and dental sufferers. Having served for 21 years at the Old Bridge Dental Care, it has become the life goal of Dr. Weisfogel to provide exceptional dental care to his patients. He also strives to ensure that every patient who seeks services at the facility is admitted and given the proper medical and dental attention. All the experiences under the services of Dr. Weisfogel are pleasant so you cannot afford to miss any of your appointments with the dental expert.

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Caring for Her Community – Mrs. Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage has been serving the Boston metropolitan area for over twenty years with her expertise in the area of family and marriage counseling for both individuals and couples. She received her psychology degrees in 1981 from the University of Southern California.

Her belief in the community has led her to volunteer and serve in various community activities. She is well known and respected in her community and her valuable and unique skills have helped many patients achieve stable, healthy lives.

She and her husband Dr. Scott Rocklage, a successful chemist, believe in serving their community. They offered up a financial donation to MIT for the renovation of the nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab space. The Rocklages were honored for a sizable donation to renovate the lab of Moungi Bawendi.

When approached about possibly helping with a donation, they answered with an immediate and affirmative reaction. The couple believes in giving back to the community that has helped them achieve their potential. The Rocklages were honored with a plaque hanging in the newly remodeled labs.

Patty Rocklage and her husband began work on their Sudbury, Massachusetts home in an entire exterior and interior home renovation project.

They chose Ed Freedlender of The Sudbury Companies to carry out this project. They redesigned an older exisitng home and made vast improvements to the existing structure and grounds while keeping an eye on protecting their environment.

Their home was located in the buffer zone of the local wetlands and all work done on the house had to meet with the approval of the conservation committee.

Rocklage is also very dedicated to serving her community of Sudbury, Massachusetts. She is a volunteer of the Sudanese Education Fund. This foundation helps people who have relocated from Sudan to Massachusetts, by helping them find education, stable jobs and economic stability.

Mrs. Rocklage is considered a warm, sensitive psychotherapist who does her best to connect with her clients and help them deal with their struggles and get their lives back on track while always maintaining strict confidentiality. Patty Rocklage is considered an asset to her community.

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